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NEW! Online workshop in Radiation Assessment and Shielding
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Learn the finer details of electronic pollution in a basic but comprehensive online course.

The exposure to EMF radiation from so many sources is only getting worse. By partaking in this program you will learn detailed information about the subject of radiation, assessment and mitigation, in line with the 35 years of practical patient/health client orientated experience of the Geovital Academy in Sulzberg, Austria.

You can use this knowledge to take your next steps in live-training or start getting to work helping those around you.

Learn about radiation EMF and Geopathic stress

Investigation and mitigation of EMF radiation is a valuable skill for many professionals


Why ‘online’ training for EMF radiation assessment and mitigation?

Happy working in a healthier office environment

Learn about EMF radiation from the comfort of your home, office (or smart phone).

A classroom environment gives personal interaction, but you do need to travel to it and organise somewhere to sleep. We can teach most of our live-workshop by the use of a professional video conferencing system and some one-on-one guidance after the course if needed. We will keep classes small as usual and create a personalised experience by sharing all our webcams.  You can learn from the comfort of home, the office, or even on the go using a smart phone.

There are a few ingredients missing compared with our live-workshop, like the ability to test and identify geopathic stress. This sadly excludes you from being an official Geovital consultant or offering the proper Geovital style home assessment with all its ingredients, because you haven’t learned all we have to offer just yet. You can however get to work helping your community or family with their EMF issues after acquiring the needed instrumentation and having done vsrious practice assessments to fine tune your skills,  and have the backing of quality solutions behind you.

What will you learn in this online EMF assessment course?

The workshop will be surprisingly inclusive. We will cover:

  • Directional transmitters move voice and data from one tower to the next. They can affect us from great distances.

    Directional transmitters move voice and data from one tower to the next. They can affect us from great distances.

    the sources of radiation found in modern life and the different types of radiation.

  • the measuring instrumentation Geovital recommends and the logic behind the approach.
  • how to do an assessment and we will show you various purpose made training videos not found on Youtube to enhance your learning experience, the same way we would demonstrate it to you in a classroom or house.
  • elimination and shielding solutions will be explained, their use, limitations and versatility in sound approaches.
  • how you can tell and justify the difference between the performance of our solutions compared to that of cheap alternatives.
  • an introduction in the theory of geopathic stress.
  • our therapy mattresses and how they form an integral part of a healthy bedroom approach that has served well over 250,000 patients.
  • For those who choose to purchase the assessment tools, an optional one-on-one sessions is available to guide you through investigating your own home and the use of the instruments whilst you hold them.


Dates and times guide for international participants

Please check the below time references if ALL sessions are suitable for you. This table may be incorrect as Daylight Savings time changes can cause errors. Please use the Melbourne time and a simple google search to check what time it is in Melbourne.

Session Melbourne
eg Los Angeles
eg Chicogo
eg New York
Central Europe Mumbai
One: Introduction Sun 12th March
Sat 11th March
Sat 11th March
Sat 11th March
Sat 11th March
Sun 12th March
Two: Assessment Mon 13th March
Sun 12th March
Sun 12th March
Sun 12th March
Sun 12th March
Mon 13th March
Three: Mitigation Sun 19th March
Sat 18th March
Sat 18th March
Sat 18th March
Sat 18th March
Sun 19th March
Four: Geopathic stress,
Mattress design & business
Mon 13th March
Sun 12th March
Sun 12th March
Sun 12th March
Sun 12th March
Mon 13th March

An additional session on Sunday the 26th (USA time zones) may be added.


The online course consists of 4 sessions of about 4 hours with Patrick van der Burght, shared with typically a maximum of 6 other new students. You will need an internet connection, a webcam or smart phone and headset with microphone to participate.

The course fee is set at an introductory price of AU$698 (which is about U$ 525)

The course fee includes:

  1. a Geovital Satelit mat for geopathic stress in daytime areas, valued at approximately AU$438 (U$348),
  2. manual (English),
  3. various product samples,
  4. some copper rods to give you an introduction into geopathic stress and the installation process of your Satelit mat, and
  5. the ability to attend a future live-workshop in Melbourne as a ‘repeat’ for a nominal fee.

The fee is payable when registering and as places are limited, the fee is not refundable closer than 4 weeks from the starting date.

Contact Patrick van der Burght for more information and registration form.
With only a few spots, and a world-wide audience, spots can fill up fast. So if the dates/times suit, register now.


NOTE: Scheduled sessions must be attended. Missed sessions cannot automatically be redone during future courses as it would leave you having missed key elements you would need to know before the next planned session. Moving from one workshop to another would also see you take up one of very few spots as we wish to keep things small.
If some scheduled session for an online course don’t fit your availability, then please register for a later course in which they do.


Frequently asked questions

How similar can an online course be to a live-workshop?

We make the experience as much like a real classroom as we can. In a real classroom you’d watch a power point whilst the teacher covers all the points and we can do the same online. In a real classroom, or home, we demonstrate how equipment is used and assessment are done, we can do this online just as easily using webcam and prerecorded training videos to show you these things in a real situation (rather than a classroom). We’re able to pause, elaborate whilst the demonstration is shown or after. Because we keep the experience small and personal with a small number of allowable student, we can make it fun online too. We share webcams and the technology even allows students to break away in ‘break-out rooms’ to discuss a problem privately before presenting it to the group afterwards.

The only thing we can’t do in relation to a live-workshop, is to hand you instruments and you have a go at operating them. This is an undeniable difference. The way we try to work around this as best as possible, is to offer to those who wish to buy the instrumentation after the workshop (or who have purchased before the workshop) a private 1 hour session where we can coach you using the instruments in your own home or that of a friend. We can correct you if you happen to go wrong and even give you some pointers about assessing and mitigating that very home. This is never part of any live-workshop and could be quite a bonus.

What is missing in the online course that I would experience in the live-workshop? 

The big difference is ‘Geopathic Stress’ training.

Geopathic stress is taken very seriously by Geovital and all its consultants. It is part of every bedroom assessment we do because we have seen the enormous impact it can have on health over time and how much a health recovery can be helped by having it addressed.

Geopathic stress theory is covered in the online course but we can not teach you how to find specific geopathic stresses, identify them, measure their stimulation factor and therefor determine which counter measures are appropriate. Because online-course attendees lack this training and ability, they cannot become official Geovital consultants or affiliates just yet until they have had this training during a live-workshop (We can still support their business efforts as freelancers though).

In the workshop we may experiment with the installation of a Satelit mat used for daytime areas. Those students that own one can often be taught, even online, how to verify its function and removal of geopathic stresses, and how to install one. For this, the use of copper L-rods can be used. Most people only need to be shown how to hold them and explained how to process of installation works, so we can do this online quite well too.

Use of instruments
In a live-workshop we can hand you instruments to hold and try out. We have ways to give you this experience after the online-course, but you would have to purchase the instrumentation first. See more explanation on this in the FAQ ‘How similar can an online course be?’ above.

How long does a workshop take and how confident will I be to do this work afterwards? 

The online course takes about 16 to 20 hours spread over typically 4 days. Each scheduled course will show the schedule associated with it.

During the course you learn the theory of EMF radiation and assessment, as well as mitigation in great detail. Often, doing assessments for family and friends is a good place to start once you have acquired the instrumentation. Before you know it, you have built up experience and are starting to become very knowledgeable. The Geovital office is always there to help its representative and affiliates. We can for example, assist your clients (while respecting that it is your client) with a ‘new home’ building consultation if you feel out of your depth at that time.

Do I need to be a doctor or a therapist?

No, there are no prerequisites for the online course. Experience in health care is beneficial but it is not needed at all. It just happens that many integrated service doctors and therapists identify the need for a home assessment with their existing clients and don’t know where to go from there. With Geovital training they are able to offer this service to their existing clients themselves.

Offering EMF radiation home assessments can be run as a stand-alone business. There are enough homes needing to be assessed and sadly, enough people with chronic complaints due to their unhealthy homes. Also many health conscious people (see Gabi’s story) wish to live as healthy as possible. If you are not a doctor or a therapist, you could network with those professionals and help their clients.

What should I expect in terms of expenses to do assessments after the course?

Understandably you need the proper equipment in order to execute an assessment of a home. Our experience has shown that many instruments, especially for RF and LF electric fields, do not assess the situation with the body properly in order to arrive at the answer if protection is called for or not. We take a more medical approach in these things, take readings on the body whenever possible and place little value on the measurement of the air. At GEOVITAL we have become quite picky when it comes to the equipment our own official consultants can use because we need our patients to receive the best possible assessment of their situation.

We have come to the stage where we have designed our own instrumentation and if you desire to become an official GEOVITAL representative, you will need to have the GEOVITAL EM Field Probe and the GEOVITAL HF Field Probe to help our patients get to the right decisions about their situation. It usually earns itself back fairly quickly and we have attractive pricing on these items during the workshop for the students because we realise these are your working tools…  but you do need to budget for it as a business expense. Ask your local office now about a price indication of the cost of these tools.

What is required to be done to become an official Geovital consultant after this online course?

Only having done the online course, and having acquired instrumentation to measure with, you will, after gaining practical experience after the course, be starting to become comfortable charging people for home EMF assessments. When you need products to mitigate with, we’d be delighted to assist you after some simple agreement is put in place.

To become an official Geovital consultant takes a little more. Firstly, we do require our official Geovital consultants to use instrumentation we deem appropriate and this is typically our field probes because we feel, based on our experience, that health clients receive the best assessment using these.

Secondly, you will need to do a live-workshop to learn the assessment skills for geopathic stress in order to be considered for being an official Geovital consultant. We say ‘considered’ because we’d like to meet you and of course we only want people representing us who fit the family. If you’re passionate about improving the world and health of those around you, in an honest way, then you should be fine. We can’t just say ‘everyone’ can be an official Geovital consultants because some people just don’t fit. An agreement would also come into place which protects our brand, the relationship and the investment of time we will make in you to help you.

Official Geovital consultants also become our highest priority when it comes to referring inquiries from new health clients for assessments and they actively go out to promote their home assessment business. An online profile may also be part of this. We have found in the past that consultants who mix different brands of products confuse clients who are expecting the Geovital representative with the Geovital approach to step through the door. The relationship we have with those representing us therefor also includes this professional to work only with our solutions and not with competing alternatives. An approach which makes sense for many reasons including the profitability of your business, but it is a business decision you have to make. We’re happy to work with you at whichever level you are comfortable.

Having done the online-course may see you be granted a substantial discount on doing a live-workshop. You have to approach the Geovital school in question about this or ask Patrick van der Burght about this possibility.

Why is the way Geovital assesses radiation different?

Our approach and experience has come from dealing with patients and the need to have assessment methods as well as products that give us best chance of consistent and durable positive outcomes with those patients. In our experience, investigating the arrival of electronic pollution in the body instead of the air (not just for electric fields but also radio frequency radiation) has been a big distinction for us. Other courses in EMF (small and big) tend to underestimate, in our opinion, the need for shielding to be put in place because they measure the air and not the body. Beyond this, the results of shielding projects they may have hesitantly undertaken, may not have brought health improvements for some clients they were hoping for or caused side effects. This may be because of the lower quality of shielding products people tend to work with or recommend. This lack of wonderful outcomes has then reduced the enthusiasm for applying and recommending shielding to other clients. We sometimes hear others state ‘only shield when absolutely necessary’, where we would say ‘shielding benefits everyone’ because with our solutions, made from ingredients we carefully selected and with its performance, we rarely see anyone who hasn’t been excited about their decision to shield.

We use the term patient as we are originally a health clinic in Austria. For those areas where the word patient is restricted to use by medical doctors, please read ‘patient’ as ‘health client’.

What if I miss an online class session?

You should not sign on to an online course if all proposed dates don’t match your availability. We want to keep courses small, likely about 6 people, so if 1 or 2 drop out and expect to redo it during a later online course, then we end up with more and more people and the experience becomes less personal.

We may allow a person to jump to another course for 1 session, but this is at our discretion and not automatically allowed. If you take on a spot in one online course and then need to move to another in which you will take up one of the limited seats, you may be asked to pay for this new spot you are taking up if it prevents others from joining in. If concerned, talk to Patrick before registering or before you miss a class.

Best approach is to register for online courses of which you know you can make all dates and times. Also allowed enough time to go ‘over time’ because questions or changes in the flow of the course can often extend sessions. Going an hour over time, happens regularly and important information could be missed if you have to leave.

Are the training sessions recorded and available to participants?

No. The sessions may be recorded for internal training and verification purposes but they are not available for students at this time. Our concern is that these video recordings get published elsewhere, like youtube, or shared without authorisation. Course materials are subject to copyright and a confidentiality agreement is part of the registration forms.