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Tiny House by Stay Tiny Co

Shielding against EMF radiation from sources from 5G phone tower and more can be included in a Tiny Home.

Build your Tiny House EMF Radiation-Free with EMF protection and avoidance incorporated

When designing and building a Tiny House the comfort but also the health of the occupants needs to be thought about. With an ever increasing exposure to EMF radiation from cell phone towers, 5G etc. shielding against EMF radiation in a Tiny House is possible and due to the small scope of the constructions doesn’t need to cost a lot. In this ‘Tiny House EMF Radiation-Free Building’-course we will teach you what is important in planning and Tiny House EMF Radiation-Free Building.

Tiny House by Stay Tiny Co

With the small space, protecting a Tiny House against the dangers of EMF radiation is very manageable and cost effective.

The Tiny House movement is on the move and the increase. Many people getting their Tiny House professionally build by others and many take to the tools themselves to construct their own Tiny House. Which ever option you go for, it would be a waste not to incorporate EMF radiation protection in your design. No matter where you park your Tiny House, regenerative sleep should be on offer.

Maximum 8 Students to keep it personal

In this course by Patrick van der Burght various facets of the tiny house building process in relation to EMF radiation protection and avoidance are taught at a home owner/builder level. Including:

  • EMF Radiation types you should know about and what causes them
  • Selection of normal building materials for your Tiny House and it’s impact on EMF radiation
  • EMF Radiation shielding and avoidance philosophy
  • EMF Radiation mitigation materials
  • Shielding techniques
  • Shielding application
  • Grounding options

Tiny House by Stay Tiny Co Duration and process of Tiny House EMF Radiation-Free Building course

The course runs over 4 weeks with 4 weekly online meetings/lessons. This will include a session(s) where we visit (possibly onsite using zoom) professional Tiny House builders ‘Stay Tiny Co‘ where we will go over design issues and incorporation of shielding.  There will also training sessions on all associated course materials with Patrick van der Burght, tailoring the EMF Radiation-Free building process to a Tiny House design. Interaction with the presenters is possible in this live version of the course.

The sessions will be recorded and made available in an online knowledge centre for later review by the students.

When: 4x online sessions of about 2 hours, starting on Sunday 8am Melbourne time.

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  • You will then be emailed a link to register for the online meetings.

Tiny House EMF Radiation-Free Building Course

More interested in assessing existing homes and mitigating against EMF radiation as a career option?

Patrick’s signature ‘EMF Assessment & Mitigation Business Start-Up’ Course, is setting the standard for learning about EMF radiation and actually starting your business doing so. Find out more here.


Hour+ interview of Patrick van der Burght by Gordy David of the Tiny Earth Homes Co-Op
on the wider subject of EMF radiation, meter, values, solutions and mitigation in new build homes.