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UK Geobiology students assess radiation exposure from power lines to nearby residents

UK Geobiology students assess radiation exposure from power lines to nearby residents

Come and spend a day with Geovital for FREE

Discover how and why Geovital achieves such good results shielding the EMF/EMR Radiation in all our homes.

Geovital Academy has it origin in Austria since 1982 and its roots lay in its natural health clinic in Sulzberg. We specialised in environmental medicine after we discovered that the home and especially the bedroom poses serious health burden, which, when not addressed, makes health recovery very difficult or impossible. The Academy identified domestic radiation exposure (found in most homes) and mattress health the primary issues to be dealt with.

GEOVITAL has been training interested individuals on how to assess for and consult on meaningful approached to verifiable radiation protection. We have a growing network of consultants world-wide and are establishing schools around the world, starting in Austria, the United Kingdom, Australia/New Zealand, United States of America, Mexico, Oman-UAE, Italy, Switzerland.

We have an international network of Doctors, Homeopaths, Natural Therapists and enthusiasts able to conduct the Geovital home assessments for EMF and Geopathic Stress detection and shielding.

It’s completely FREE and you will be imformed:-

  • How we conduct Home and bedroom radiation assessments.
  • Home Pre-purchase inspections.
  • Home design improvement (Radiation-Free Building).
  • EMF Symptoms to look out for.
  • Toxin-free therapy mattresses with stretch-effect.
  • Training on site.
Incorporating radiation shielding in a new home makes perfect sense.

Incorporating radiation shielding in a new home makes perfect sense.

Our Geovital mission is the long-term health successes of our patients as the primary goal and benchmark, whilst staying true to our natural health backgrounds and holistic approach, we make available consultation services world-wide. We aim to teach professionals (medicine, natural health, builders, architects, building biologists and anyone wanting to make a change in the life of others) how to assess and consult on domestic radiation protection and radiation-free living. Our ultimate goal is to create the healthiest living and especially sleeping environments in the world.

You may be a professional or an enthusiast Interested in becoming a Geovital Geobiologist, or just interested in expanding your knowledge of this subject. GP’s and Alternative Medicine Practitioners may be interested in referring patients with persistent symptoms to Geovital.

Take advantage of this offer today, act now and book a seat with your name on it. Understand the Geovital methodology. Gain a greater knowledge about the EMF radiation in all our homes, and how it effects your health. Take away our simple educated tips and advice on how to reduce the radiation in your home. Interact in our demonstrations seeking Geopathic Stress (Natural Radiation), and High and Low Frequency Radiation locations/strengths.

Natural and man made radiation is all around the environment we are living. Take this free first step towards becoming a Geovital Geobiologist, or Practitioners can look at our Patient Referrer Package, or simply gain a better understand of this health burden.

Places are limited. Please contact us and express your interest to attend now.UK_geobiology_course_hastings01