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London – Verifiable Radiation Protection techniques for your patients, that work

Sascha Hahnen educates professionals about radiation and patients

Sascha Hahnen educates professionals about radiation and patients

As a health practitioner, conventional or complementary, you are likely becoming more and more aware that radiation exposure has become a serious health burden. Just consider the appeal placed with the UN this May by 200 international scientist. You are health care provider might be interested in all the research coming out about EMF affecting our health, but more interesting should be the answer to the question;

What do I recommend to patients, when it comes to radiation? What is important?
What is radiation protection that makes sense and is not just a profit exercise of those selling products?

On this evening talk, Sascha Hahnen (CEO of Geovital Academy in Austria) and Patrick van der Burght (Director of Geovital Australia / New Zealand) will present to you the key distinctions discovered in dealing with radiation exposure in patients homes over the last 30 years.

  • What is some of the research available now?
  • What results has radiation protection shown in patients?
  • What is radiation protection?
  • Why are radiation shielding product so different, to the point that most are a total waste of money?
  • What radiation producing developments should be focusing on?
  • What simple things can patients (and you) do at home to make a better environment?

Join us, and gain a deep understanding of the problem, the difficulties in dealing with it and plenty of worth while knowledge so you can speak with more authority about this increasing environmental health burden facing the families you deal with.

Location is to be advised
For more information or to register your interest to attend, contact Steve Hough of Geovital UK.

Not at all the focus of this event, but nevertheless available for those interested to learn how to assess this issue in patients home, a workshop is held in the 3 days after this seminar. Contact Steve Hough also about availability, cost and if you wish; work opportunities with Geovital world-wide.


Appeal recently lodged with UN by international scientists.
The world is waking up to what GEOVITAL has been addressing for 30 years