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SEMINAR Geobiologie & Strahlenschutz

WORKSHOP Buidling Geobiology and Radiation Protection

Building Geobiology – Radiation protection and shielding

(FULL, sorry)

This 3.5 -day (!) workshop is about learning radiation assessment for homes and which solutions can be used.

(The workshop after this one is end of May 2016)

GEOVITAL has been addressing radiation issues in patient’s/client’s homes in a holistic manner that has shown wonderful lasting benefit for decades now. GEOVITAL is fast becoming the authority on radiation protection because rather than coming from a theoretic approach, we actually know what works in practice and works long-term. This knowledge is shared in this workshop as we encourage people to take control of their home situation and we hope you will join our network to help people in your area.

Read all the details about our workshop and its potential

Anyone can join and you can use this knowledge as a stand alone service, or utilise it in a health setting (doctors, therapists, naturopaths…) or in a home construction setting (architects, builders, electricians…). Seemingly complex subjects are easily explained in theory but also in practice. You will be busy with theoretical components and also many practical experience both in a ‘home’ and in the field.


  • Electronic pollution in the home: Different types of radiation often found in homes and their sources
  • Geopathic stress: Different types of excesses of natural radiation and their value
  • Measurement of radiation: Which instrument to use when and how
  • Radiation protection (elimination and shielding): Understand the available product solutions for creating a better home environment
  • Health risks to people, animals and plants
  • The business of offering home radiation assessment and consultations

Practical components:

  • Testing for and measuring different radiation types, using instruments
  • Testing for and measuring different Geopathic stresses, using professional divining techniques
  • Conducting a home assessment where your new learned skills come together
  • Testing of wiring and developing a solution approach
  • Record keeping of your assessment

Any work in the area of radiation protection or shielding starts with this workshop whether you are an architect, doctor, therapist, sleep consultant, painter, electrician or someone with no ties to any of these professions. If you wish to work with radiation protection you must first learn the basics to understand the relationship between cause and effect.

Please read more details about our workshop in Building Geobiology and Radiation Protection here 

IMPORTANT: For this workshop we have do have a maximum number of students we will take. Communicate with Patrick van der Burght to express your potential interest to attend. When ready, pay your course fee to secure you place and wait for confirmation of your booking before making travel arrangements.

Accommodation is available at walking distance from our academy.


With workable weather most if not all of the year and flights arriving from any part of the US, Los Angeles seemed the ideal spot to offer our US based training courses.
This workshop will be held in the Whittier area, from we will also venture on various field trips.

How to get to Whittier, CA

1 – Domestic arrivals via LAX

Train: There is a possibility to make it to Whittier by train from LAX airport. This will take you approximately 2 hours and does require several change-overs and a few minutes walking between connections. See the route and recommendations (Google maps).

Car rental option: Car rental is convenient but do keep in mind that most if not all car rental places required the use of a supplied shuttle bus to take you to their business. Be very careful what the amount of access is in case of loss or damage to the vehicle. Where in Europe a maximum of $3000 or $4000 might be the case, you may be responsible for the entire value of the vehicle in the US. We have good experiences booking through www.airportrentals.com where these insurance details are normally clearly shown and base insurance is included.

Remember to take your own GPS (car navigation system) or be able to use a smart phone with data so that you can use the Google Maps navigation in your phone which has shown to be very helpful, clear, up to date and included traffic information which can be priceless to have in LA. Traffic starts to congest after 3pm and can reduce 6 lanes of traffic to a crawl.

Taxi / Being driven
For those who like their convenience there are plenty of companies that offer these services. Just Google ‘chauffeur driven services LA’.

2 – Domestic arrivals via Ontario Airport

information to come…


About Los Angeles
LA has a warm climate and it can get hot in summer (usually a dry heat) and stays quite attractive in temperature in winter. In winter at night, temperature can drop to be chilly. Like in any country, there are dangerous parts of town and so be mindful of this when deciding to get out of a car in a dark street in a part of town you don’t know. Where we are for the workshop, we have only encountered very nice people.

There is plenty to do and see around LA, so you could bring the family or spend some extra time to take it all in. For some suggestions, go here or here.

For those from other countries
People drive on the right side in the US, so stay very alert when driving if you’re not used to this. Tipping is also expected in many service related occupations. If someone carries your bag, a $1 tip is kind of expected. In restaurants a 10% tip is usually left for the waiter at the end.



Accommodation is easy to find in the area, but one particularly nice one is just at 6min walking distance.

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Radisson Hotel – Whittier
Situated approximately 0.3 mile (6min walk) from the Geovital workshop location

Rates: $ 119 to $ 159 per night

7320 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier, CA 90602

T: +1 (562) 693-6519 (reservations)
T: +1 (562) 945-8511
E: rhi_whca@ radisson.com
Visit their website where you can also book.

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Get an impression of what the area is like.

Los Angeles