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the Environmental Health Solutions Public Forum, San Diego

GEOVITAL has been welcomed at THE North American event for environmental medicine in San Diego. A host of speakers will educate health practitioners over 2 and a half days how patient’s home and work environment could be the cause of symptoms presented in the waiting room. On Sunday the 6th of March, the general public can attend a public forum at a minimum charge.  READ the flyer

What is there to learn, see and do?

  • On-site Glyphosate Testing offered to the Public
  • Natural Products Sampling Station
  • Resource and Information Fair

Reception with Book Signing with leaders…..
Gilles-Eric Seralini PhD, Dr. Walter Crinnion ND, Dr. Bonnie Nedrow ND, Jeffrey Smith, and Tom Malterre


Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, PhD – Exclusive Engagement, 1st public event in the U.S.
Stephanie Seneff, PhD, Top researcher Cancer/Diseases and Glyphosate
Anne Marie Fine, ND, Personal Care Products Expert
Jeffrey Smith, GMO Expert, Author and Filmmaker
Tom Malterre, Nutritionist and Author
Alan Lewis, Natural Products Industry Leader
Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America

Top Experts on Glyphosate, Solutions to Environmental Exposures, Nutrition, GMOs and Safe and Clean Personal Care Products

Ask those with 30 years experience about Radiation Protection

GEOVITAL will be available to answer your questions on what our 30 year history has taught us on how to address EMF radiation exposure in the home, and more importantly the bedroom, properly for long-term benefit. Of course our Toxin-Free therapy mattresses will fit in perfectly in the battle against environmental toxins.

Learn more about GEOVITAL and our approach.
Let Dr Carols Loredo-Ritter, President of the North American Sleep Medicine Society, show you (3 minutes in) common exposure in bedrooms.

Learn how to assess patient homes

Our short workshops are now also available in the USA to teach health practitioners and non-health practitioners how they can investigate and  consult on addressing, what we found, were the 2 most important environmental factors.

This public event is preceded by a symposium in the 2 and a half days before.


About the GEOVITAL workshops now held in the USA

We deal with many existing homes, but more frequenty GEOVITAL is involved in new built home projects, big and small…