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Videography – Business Focus Sessions

EMF business skills Videography

This session is for the students of the EMF Business Start-Up course (committed to doing EMF1 + EMF2) and is part of their 12-month access. 


Making videos is part of the advertising efforts of any business. Not only do potential clients like watching videos instead of reading large texts, it is also a fact that Youtube is becoming a powerful search engine where your future clients and community members go to find information about things that you can help them with… so you need to build a solid and professional presence.

In this session we’ll go over many things from Youtube to equipment to skills:

  • Things you may not have to know about Youtube and Youtube Channels
  • Video Equipment (smartphone-based mostly)
  • Audio and microphones
  • Stands, Tripods, and Gimbles
  • Lighting and backgrounds
  • Camera Apps
  • How to capture a good video
  • Editing software and Apps
  • Editing ideas
  • Marketing with your videos

This session will be held on March 17, 2023, at 5 pm, Friday, Melbourne Time

Friday 17th March:
Chicago 1am
New York 2am
United Kingdom 7am
Dubai 10am
Singapore 2pm
New Zealand 7pm

Thursday 16th March:
Los Angeles 11pm


To access this session, you need to be a student of the EMF2 module and be within 12 months of you enrolling. You’ll be invited to these events if you have access.
The business sessions are often not available to outsiders.

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