Examination for certified geobiologists 2014

From left: Josef Grabner, Klaus Renner, Michael Greschek, Nicole Stöcker, Peter Renner, Elke Ganser, Roland Richter, Rainer Scholz, Fredi Künzler, Robert Schuster, Sascha Hahnen

Great fear…

…was experienced by many in the lead-up to the certification exam, as they had heard that the examiners had come up with special challenges. Not only general knowledge was being tested, but also the topics of frequencies, transmission standards, building materials and medical understanding.

A Geobiologist is no longer someone who just finds geopathic stress. In today’s world, he needs to have medical insights, be a building specialist and master radiation shielding.

The standards that Geovital expects of its certified geobiologists are the world’s highest and its requirements are the most challenging. A Geovital geobiologist must have ability, knowledge and expertise. That is what the patients require of the academy.

Ten brave geobiologists had signed up for the examination and they had been preparing themselves for many weeks.

300x200_cert3 300x200_cert1

300x200_cert10 300x200_cert2

The maximum attainable number of marks for the exam was 125. It is a testament to the educational standard, as well as to the high level of student knowledge, that all were able to achieve scores of over 120. The academy is proud to have such wonderful and competent geobiologists.

After the three-hour written exam, the practical part, together with the oral examination, was completed in beautiful weather.


300x200_cert7 300x200_cert5

300x200_cert9 300x200_cert8

This was followed by a hearty and scrumptious breakfast at which the questions and answers were again discussed and elaborated on.
Geovital is looking forward to the next test in the autumn.



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Biance studied folklore and has been involved for many years with the image that Geobiology has in the community. She has published several papers and essays, and works in the Geovital Academy as a scientist. Her motto: “Everyone always thinks about the sick people, but no one thinks about children… Especially they are in need of radiation protection especially in relation to telecommunication transmissions.”

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