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Adore it or exchange it – the conditions

– This guarantee is available/offered only to customers having purchased mattresses* from/via the Australian Geovital office. –

You are allowed to exchange your Geovital Theravital or Geovital Vitallind mattress* once within 60 days of your original purchase if you don’t adore it, provided it is in a reasonable hygienic condition and has not been damaged.

Simply contact the Geovital distributor you purchased from, within 60 days of receiving your mattress and send your mattress with the invoice to the mailing address of the Geovital distributor^ that you purchased the mattress from. The cost of freighting it back to us as well as the freight cost of sending you your exchange products will be payable by you.

If you would like to upgrade your mattress you will need to pay the difference between the original purchase price and the new products you have chosen. If the products you are exchanging it for are of lesser value, the difference will be held as credit on your account which you can use to purchase other Geovital shielding or bedding products within 1 year. This credit will be applied to your account after the purchased mattress has been returned in good order. The credit is not redeemable for cash.

Just one mattress exchange may be done per customer under the Adore it or exchange it policy.

*The Adore it or exchange it policy applies to the countries standard sizes of the Geovital Theravital and Geovital Vitallind mattresses only which have been order from Monday the 23rd of June 2014 onwards, and excludes Geovital KOMBI mattresses, mattresses order thicker than normal or varied in size greater than 2cm in any direction, pillows, pillow covers, additional mattress covers, radiation protection products and any other products. This policy may be changed or canceled at any time by changing the conditions here or removing them. This will not affect those people who purchased a mattress* before the change or cancellation who are still in their 60 day period.

^ For Australia and New Zealand this will be Geovital in Melbourne, Australia.

If mattresses have been returned, these can of course not be sold as new and are likely to be donated to less fortunate families which the Geovital distributor will select or used for demonstration purposes.

This policy does not affect your rights under the local Consumer Law.