Food Allergy Crisis – Why are 1 in 10 infants affected?

Researchers have no idea what causes the increased occurrence of food allergies, but changing lifestyle factors seem to be ignored

Have you seen the numbers? It’s expected now that 1 in 10 infants has food allergies! It is 4-8% of children and 2% of adults. What annoys me the most is that research in this area doesn’t focus on considering that changes in the way we live must be considered as a cause, but instead research seems to concentrate on treatment and management… I wonder why?

Yet again, having a suffering group of the population that can be sold treatment and management, is of course far more interesting to business than actually solving it. Where they should be looking, seems so clear.

‘Can’t anybody see that! … I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!’
– Mugato, Zoolander

Let’s investigate for example what ‘information’ the Australasia Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) presents to us.


What habits have changed over the last 40 years that could be the cause of food allergies in infants and children?

What habits have changed over the last 40 years that could be the cause of food allergies in infants and children?

Food allergy is not hereditary

“Most of the time children with food allergy do not have parents with food allergy. However, if a family has one child with food allergy, their brothers and sisters are at a slightly higher chance of having food allergy.”

Doesn’t that spell out that it is an external factor? Something is happening to these children that didn’t happen to the parents when they were conceived, developing in the womb, or in very early stages of infancy. To me that just so obvious, isn’t it?


What is causing the rise in food allergy?

“We currently don’t have clear information as to why food allergy has increased so rapidly in recent years, particularly in young children. This area requires additional research, several of which are already underway.

Possible explanations include:
– Hygiene hypothesis, which proposes that less exposure to infections in early childhood, is associated with an increased risk of allergy. The make-up and type of the micro-organisms to which the mother and infant are exposed and colonised with may alter allergic risk.
Delayed introduction of allergenic foods such as egg, peanut or tree nuts.
– Methods of food processing, such as roasted versus boiled peanuts.
– Development of allergy to food by skin exposure such as the use of unrefined nut oil based moisturisers.”

Well… this is interesting. Are we saying that because we live too clean, and don’t get infections that our body’s need to work to fight off, we are weakening our own defences? So, getting sick, actually trains us be stronger? That does make sense, doesn’t it? Which is a point raised against flue vaccines for example. If we take away our bodies training to respond to infections… it gets lazy and we get sick more often and longer and more dependent on medication which makes that problem worse.

What happens to us before and during pregnancy can have affect on the health of the child

What happens to us before and during pregnancy can have affect on the health of the child

Research into food allergy is ongoing

“The increase of food allergy is driving research into areas such as prevention, treatment, and why it has become more common. Areas of research include allergen immunotherapy (AIT), also known as desensitisation, to switch off the allergy once it has developed.”

And here it is… a new market has been identified…  Let’s assume for just a moment that our body knows what it is doing and it is simply responding to outside stimuli, does it make sense to burden it with more medication to suppress its responses…? or should we be look at what causes this problem in the first place? – What’s next? Forced allergy immunisation?


Unorthodox allergy tests are unproven

“There are several unorthodox tests for food allergy that have no scientific basis. These include cytotoxic food testing, Vega testing, kinesiology, allergy elimination techniques, iridology, pulse testing, Alcat testing, Rinkel’s intradermal skin testing, reflexology, hair analysis and IgG food antibody testing. There is no Medicare rebate available in Australia for these tests, and their use is not supported in New Zealand.

Treatment based on non-scientific tests may lead to ineffective, and expensive treatments, and delay more effective therapy. Harmful therapy such as unnecessary dietary avoidance may risk malnutrition.”

Oh my goodness! It is enlightening to see the competition being pointed out. It does make you wonder who they are funded by, doesn’t it? It feels like it is saying:

‘We don’t have a solid grasp of what is going on.
We would encourage you to seek endorsed treatments which may have side affects or promotes dependancy,
for as long as you are bothered by this problem that we have no idea what causes it or have no interest or benefit to investigate deeper,
but for goodness sake, don’t try any of these mostly non-invasive approaches
which do tend to live up to the philosophy of ‘do no harm’.’


Could lifestyle factors be affecting increased allergy levels in infants, children and adults?

If we don’t get allergies from the DNA of our parents… and if food allergies are more likely to occur in our siblings… it just so clear indicates it is something we are doing to ourselves. Something that changed over the last 40 years perhaps. Something that could have affected the parents once they were adults themselves, but not before.

So… what has changed?

EMF radiation exposure of wireless devices has increased dramatically over recent years.

EMF radiation exposure of wireless devices has increased dramatically over recent years.

Electronic Pollution (EMF radiation)

  • Our exposure to man-made radiation (EMF) has increased a quintillion times.
    • We have wifi in our homes and get exposure to wifi and cell phone tower radiation from outside in spades. Mothers would use their wireless devices whilst trying to conceive, whilst being pregnant, and around children.
    • Our children are often allowed to play with wireless technology and because most think there is nothing wrong with it. We even attach cell phones to baby bottles (swipe and feed), strap them in in front of a tablet (iPotty) and use medication monitors stuck to their skin to see how soon we can add more medication. (wireless devices and under-2-year-olds is illegal in Taiwan by the way)
    • Schools are filled with radiation and under the justification or ‘it’s convenient’ wireless technology is placed in the hands of more and more students.
    • Our bedrooms, which is where the body is supposed to rest and repair, was already a burden with electric fields from internal wiring, but now the burden is bigger with wifi throughout the night and cell phone tower radiation which is only expected to increase. (bedrooms can be fixed, that is what we investigate and mitigate)
    • Cell phone use is clearly linked to increased rates of cancer, fertility issues.

As Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe told me in an interview:

“When you look at whether that type of radiation can cause oxidative stress, about 80 to 90% plus even of papers published on that say yes, that it is causing that process. Now that’s a small snapshot of the literature, but it’s enough to say to a medical doctor, that’s enough to say that’s a huge problem. That means that it has the potential to affect every single bodily system in a way that we know is destructive. …

Electromagnetic fields can push your sympathetic, your run system. That’s okay for short periods of time, and you’re not necessarily conscious of it. For some people, that’s probably what’s causing some of the increases we’re seeing in anxiety and things like that. But for most people, they probably wouldn’t be aware of this on a conscious level. But on a subconscious level, if your body is running from a lion 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because a lot of people are exposed to WiFi for example, all the time, then you have to pay for that from your parasympathetic nervous system. You’re not nurturing your immune system, for example. …

So humans did not evolve to deal with this. Children being born now, the truth is we don’t know what the longterm health consequences are going to be and nobody can say what they are until that generation has gone through and in fact, several more generations because some of the health effects that have potentially genetic effects of eggs and sperm, that could have lasting consequences for some subsequent generations. …

So we know now that is fueling oxidative stress and a number of disease endpoints potentially which are dependent on that as a mechanism. There’s some evidence that this could be fueling neural behavioral disorders, which is obviously rising in children, things like ADHD.”


Medication and Vaccines

Yeah I know. ‘Here we go again with the vaccine debate!’ But if we can lift out head out of the sand for moment and just give it a little thought: We are as a species injecting our population in every increasing amounts with a whole host of foreign materials (aluminium to name just one) inside vaccinations. The term vaccination stress relates to the side effects of vaccinations and there is enough debate about children being affected, deaths being caused and this is skill-fully hidden in statistics. People are still getting sick despite being injected and its a heated debate wether injecting kids for childhood deceases that we (as adults) did get and let our bodies react to and strengthen on, is such a great idea. The increase in cases of ADHD is thought by many to hang together with vaccinations.

Pills for chronic complaints

Pills for chronic complaints

As a lifestyle change that has changed over the last 40 years, vaccinations cannot be ignored. But they are ignored. Forced vaccinations are now being implemented in the world, Australia bullies parents for not conforming by fining them in shape of funding withdrawal, and medical practitioner can get severe prosecution if they vent their opinions that may be ‘out of line’ of what is accepted as good practice now.

It’s no surprise that organisations like the ASCIA would not be willing raise this or investigate this, because serious risk to careers and reputation would be at stake. So, let’s promote ‘treatment’ instead. There is profit in it, it’s socially accepted by most and at least we’re ‘kind of’ helping people.


Moulds are toxic

Moulds are toxic

Mould and Air quality

Mould is an organism as well. Its defences include excreting a chemical when it is being threatened. It is thought that moulds are also affected by our increasing radiation exposure and they react by excreting more chemical in the air. The problem of moulds is getting worse fast for ‘unexplained reasons’. Could it be this too could be affecting us during pregnancy and whilst we are infants?

Air quality can also be debated. We have a tendency to seal our homes for energy efficiency reasons. Whilst this may also keep pollution out, it also locks in the pollution venting from our cheaply produced chemical filled paints, furniture, flooring and so on. This also changed in the last 40 years.


It is time to see the light. You should make your mind up about what possible risks you are willing to take when it comes to starting a family. It sadly may be true that the damage done to the body systems of those with food allergies is already done, but to address this in future, lifestyle factors need to be investigated to help prevent this in upcoming children.

Not everything government promotes to you is correct and you have the responsibility to research this yourself and make a decision yourself. Government has been terribly wrong in the past (astbestos, lead paint, smoking, smoking in airplanes) and you would hope they would take a more precautionary approach. They are responsible for protecting you and should be held accountable for that too. They should be willing to stick their neck out against popular belief, even if it was against the economical interest of big business or convenience.

Good luck.


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A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.

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