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The GEOVITAL Sommerfest 2013

This year’s summer festival was blessed with beautiful weather. A slight breeze, swaying ships in the harbour, and delicious punch welcomed those who had travelled from far away. The waterfront on the lake in Nonnenhorn provided a cosy setting for the Geovital geobiologists. In the atmosphere of a friendly reunion, news and laughter were exchanged; it could not have been nicer!

Sascha Hahnen, GF der Geovital

Sascha Hahnen, CEO of Geovital

The proceedings were to start at 3.30 pm. Hermann Lanz had made his hotel, the Hotel Seewirt, available so that the illustrious group of geobiologists could use it to good advantage.

Sascha Hahnen, CEO of the academy, opened with an introduction and news updates for 2013 and 2014. He then handed over to Jürgen Paudert, Head of in Lindau

Jürgen presented the new brand image of Geovital–the logo and USP, as well as the new image brochure and flyers that had developed for Geovital. It was interesting to hear about the creative processes–how a time line of 30 years of academy history, including achievements and epic moments, had been incorporated into the brochure. The aim was to produce, not just another general communiqué about electronic pollution; but rather, something that conveyed the core philosophy of the academy. This was achieved wonderfully.

Dietmar spoke on ‘IT technical advancements’

Dietmar spoke on ‘IT technical advancements’

Dietmar Hohn, Geovital Academy’s IT profes- sional, presented in connection with the new website and the redesigned Intranet. He gave interesting insights into how today’s Internet works and what needs to be prioritized. Consequently, Geovital’s website is enriched every month with exciting new articles on topics of interest: radiation protection, the environment, healthy living, technology, medicine, illness prevention and therapy. The website should therefore act as a source of news for patients, clients and those interested in these subjects.

Heiko Gärtner, the leading coach and trainer of Geovital Academy, closed the address with the topics of ‘networking’ and ‘new training programs’. For all, the geobiology training has become an important building block which highlights Geovital’s focus on quality and facilitates its expansion into new areas. The ongoing goal is to share and promote the spirit of Geovital.

All in all, many exciting topics were shared that revealed surprising things. A great deal of information was presented, so that that everyone was keen for a break and a delicious dinner.

After a sensational meal, which Hermann Lanz and his team had prepared for the Geobiologists, Sascha closed the evening with the presentations and honours. Beautiful gift baskets were distributed, making everyone happy.

Bestowing of honours and presentations

Bestowing of honours and presentations

10 Year Anniversary:

  • Rainer Scholz (Germany)
  • Fredi Künzler (Switzerland)
  • Hans Jörg Lübcke (Austria)
  • Peter König (Austria)
  • Wolfgang Jogschies (Germany)
  • Christian Rendler (Germany)

20 Year anniversary:

  • Peter Renner (Switzerland)

30 Year anniversary:

  • Marc Wirth (Germany)

Networker of the year for 2013 went to Elke Ganser (Germany)

We had a very enjoyable afternoon and an exciting evening. Everyone gained much joy from the reunion and sharing in great conversation. It is nice that the Geovital family is growing, while at the same time retaining its past members from earlier years. These events demonstrate the soul of Geovital and the camaraderie of its members.

We are looking forward to Sommerfest 2014, when the theme will again be …
‘Let’s celebrate and have fun!’

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Biance studied folklore and has been involved for many years with the image that Geobiology has in the community. She has published several papers and essays, and works in the Geovital Academy as a scientist. Her motto: “Everyone always thinks about the sick people, but no one thinks about children… Especially they are in need of radiation protection especially in relation to telecommunication transmissions.”

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