Holby City educates viewers on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

BBC TV program Holby City creates awareness about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

Patient suffering unexplainable symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity in TV series Holby City - image BBC

Patient suffering unexplainable symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity in TV series Holby City – image BBC

Holby City, a long running British TV medical drama series, ran an episode recently that showed a patient with an unusual symptom picture which dramatically affected his life. The symptoms displayed are associated with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) or also referred to as Electrosensitivity and ElectroHypersensitivity. These sort of symptoms and the forced adjustments in how people have to live (avoiding public places, turning electricity off in the home, sleeping in caravans or cars) are experiences that many of our new patients confide in us on a daily basis.

The patient in this episode is visually very ill, claiming he is suffering from every ailment imaginable, but totally unaware of the condition effecting him. In fact, this man believes he has a brain tumour. During this episode the patient reveals that his job is working with Wi-Fi, and he is living in his car as this is the only place where he does not feel ill.

The doctors of three other hospitals judged him to be in perfect health and sent him away, which is why he pleads to Holby City for help. The same dismissal of symptoms is again about to happen until a dedicated medical practitioner digs a little deeper, does some research on the internet, starts making connections and a diagnosis of a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is made.

In the episode, eventually a room with slightly lower exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is created by reducing Wi-Fi exposure and the symptoms reduce drastically.

We deal with electromagnetic radiation affected people all the time

200x300_sick_in_bed_from_emf_at_workWe at GEOVITAL, help people every day who are living in cars, sheds, have moved to the country or are actually suffering in silence at home. Many have seen many doctors, been referred to specialists and finally sent home without satisfactory prognoses or remedy.

It was wonderful that Holby City brought attention to this issue and it will make a lot of people realise that they too are perhaps mildly (or severely) feeling the effects of radiation. There were however, a few things in relation to symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity that we would elaborate more on.

  • Vomiting is not reported as a very common symptom by most of our patients.
  • Headaches, ringing hears (tinnitus), feeling of pressure in the head, heart palpitations, tingling or burning sensation in the skin and generally feeling unwell, seem to be the most common complaints.

There are far better solutions available for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity than shown or suggested in Holby City

In the TV series, a small reduction in radiation exposure produced an improvement in the patient, however electromagnetic radiation is very hard to get away from and turning the Wi-Fi off is certainly not going to remove all of it in most locations. There are phone signals from all the different communication companies, different standards like 3G 4G and soon 5G(!), directional transmitters on cell phone towers (the round drums, enabling them to relay data from tower to tower), airport navigation equipment, radar, Wi-Fi from devices, toys, the neighbors or supplied throughout a city, power supply cables running up and down the street, to your house, in your house, solar panels, electric cars and much more.

In the TV series Holby City, a small reduction in Wi-Fi exposure produces confirmation of a electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) diagnosis - image courtesy of BBC

In the TV series Holby City, a small reduction in Wi-Fi exposure produces confirmation of a electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) diagnosis – image courtesy of BBC

Patrick van der Burght: ‘Reducing EMF radiation exposure may in some cases alleviate a symptom,
but won’t enable the body to restore or repair as well as it can.’

This is GEOVITAL’s expertise and we have more experience with this than anyone else because our experience has come from 35 years of working with patients of our health clinic, not ‘customers’. The key to supporting health is to create a sleeping environment where the body can rest and regenerate properly without radiation exposure from electrical power supply, wireless technology and geopathic stress.

This approach is the same, no matter if the aim is to support Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, or to assist the body getting past a vast range of chronic health concerns that typically conventional medicine has no answer for other then suppressing symptoms with medication that doesn’t address the cause. It is this regenerative (repairing) time that is all important and most bedrooms leave much to be desired.


GEOVITAL’s Dr Loredo-Ritter, president of the North American Sleep Medicine Society elaborates


What can be done, in a verifiable way, to reduce electronic pollution exposure?

Electrical wiring is a major radiation exposure problem in most homes. First this exposure needs to be assessed by measuring the body whilst laying on the bed. Once the offending electrical circuits are identified, their supply can be ‘cut’ automatically by special switches when no electricity is being used(desired) at night. A very logical and clean approach.

Directional transmitters move voice and data from one tower to the next. They can affect us from great distances.

Directional transmitters move voice and data from one tower to the next. They can affect us from great distances.

High frequency or radio frequency (RF) radiation from wireless technology including phone towers, needs to be measured on the body. In our experience it makes little sense to measure the ‘Air’ when it is the body we and the patient are interested in. There is much research on what levels of RF radiation is harmful, but we are interested in strengthening health, and for this we need to have much lower exposure… that makes sense, doesn’t it?

Shielding materials have been created by GEOVITAL with our patients as the benchmark for functionality and benefit. Through this it was clear that performance needs to be exceptional and the materials used should not be ‘another’ health burden over the longer term.

It makes NO sense to help a patient with electromagnetic hypersensitivity with this problem, and give them another problem.

Shielding solutions against Wi-Fi, phone towers and other wireless technology

In stead of recommending people to retreat to the country, as was done in the Holby City episode, we have shielding solutions available to transform most homes in a relatively radiation-free haven.  By the way; Moving to the country is also no guarantee of being radiation-free. Directional transmitters (the round drums on towers) can have a large range, don’t show up on a phone’s signal strength and most instrumentation, and can effect people from afar if they are caught in the crossfire.

Available radiation shielding solutions are:

Applying shielding paint T98 of Geovital with a roller is easy to do.

Applying shielding paint T98 of Geovital with a roller is easy to do.

T98 Shielding Paint: Used to paint and protect the whole house on the outside to shield the whole house (see video) OR very frequently used to shield the bedrooms only as this is what has the highest priority.

  • NOVA Shielding Fabric: A combination of high performance and stylish looking radiation deflecting fabric used to shield windows when the room or home is shielded, or used to make a fabric canopy which is often used by those renting a home.
  • GPA Shielding Mesh: Often use in construction as a shielding layer that can be incorporate into walls, ceilings and roofs.
  • IMPORTANT: Applying shielding is not difficult, but the approach should be sound. It is therefor best to have one of our consultants assist you with your home and aims.

    Everyone is affected by electromagnetic radiation

    The episode featured by Holby City showed a fairly extreme case of EHS and people could be misled to believe that a person is only affected by radiation when these sort of symptoms present themselves. This is of course not the case. Our body is a chemical miracle as much as it is an electrical miracle. Many body functions rely on electrical impulses and electrical receptors. Exposure to radiation will start having ‘affects’ much earlier, before even the most minor of symptoms start appearing. In most cases health needs to decay first before the body can no longer cope and symptoms present themselves as warning signals of this inability to cope.

    Symptoms are a warning signal the body can no longer cope.

    This is the argument about the exposure to EMF radiation we are now experiencing in everyday life. The lack of immediate symptoms in the population seems to justify the exposure that many doctors and scientist are warning about. A precautionary approach is advised when we don’t know what the long-term effects will be for our generation and even 5 generations later.   We would argue that: We are all affected by EMF radiation exposure… but many of us are just not symptomatic yet.

    There are some developments around the world that see governments take some small steps to reduce radiation exposure and also liability for this exposure is being compared to asbestos. If it happens at all, it will be long time before this radiation health danger is widely accepted and exposure is reduced. There is a lot of money involved in communication industries. For now, we have to take matters in our own hands, and make sure our homes and families are protected.

    Thank you BBC, Holby City, writers, actors and crew involved.

    Thank you BBC, Holby City, writers, actors and crew involved.

    Thank you BBC, Holby City, the writers and actors involved, for not being afraid to put something in the public arena that is controversial and may produce an avalanche of criticism as with the Australian program Catalyst and its reporter recently suspended for her program Wi-Fried. You have made people aware and motivated many to find new answers to their health issues. Well done.


    Written by Martin Kingsbury and Patrick van der Burght



    About the Author:

    Martin is a Director of GEOVITAL UK and Geobiologist passionate about making durable improvements in peoples homes and lives.

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    1. Teresa Bence 11/05/2021 at 9:13 pm - Reply

      Well done to Holby City for bringing up this terrible condition. I haven’t seen the episode but it seems that they may have simplified it by making it look as though someone can suddenly improve just by having Wifi turned off. Our son suffers with EMS and is unable to work, has spent long periods away from his family because his once safe home has become increasingly bombarded from more and more masts springing up everywhere.The rollout of 5G is very frightening for people like my son and his family. You mention making alterations to the home but he hasn’t worked for 6 months and money is very tight. He doesn’t have the finances or the know how to put things in place. Also, even if he was able to make his home secure, there are so many masts around his home now that even going for a walk causes a rise in symptoms when he gets home. We are all incredibly stressed, anxious and worried about the future. He has gone from a young man with vitality , exhuberance and a wealth of friends and assosciates and clients who loved and valued him to someone who is practically housebound and despondent. Whilst i appreciate the fact that Holby City have introduced this condition there is still a long way to go. My son’s new doctor has dismissed him as someone who has mental health issues.

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