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book holistic emf protection made easy

the book Holistic EMF Protection Made Easy


The subject of EMF radiation exposure and what you can and should do about it is confusing. Not because it is difficult to act on but more because there is so much confusing information, misleading things that don’t work and a fair bit of uncertainty about where to start. That is what the book HOLISTIC EMF PROTECTION MADE EASY will help its readers with.

As the title suggests, the book stays true to the Holistic Approach to supporting health and well-being. It does not contain esoteric or ‘harmonising’ products but well-designed, verifiable solutions that are explained in detail.

An understandable journey for readers

EMF radiation and EMF protection are not difficult to grasp, but they can be confusing. In the book HOLISTIC EMF PROTECTION MADE EASY, we follow a path that makes sense. Let me share what you’ll find inside.

Professor Olle Johansson wrote the Foreword for Holistic EMF Protection Made Easy

Foreword by Professor Olle Johansson

Much respected scientific researcher Professor Olle Johansson was happy to write a foreword for our book after carefully working through the manuscript earlier this year. This was a much-appreciated event for us co-authors, to have a man as respected as Olle Johansson encourage potential readers to pay attention to the subject of Electronic Pollution and to buy, read and act on our book.

Research and EHS

Noura Othman, a pharmacist based in Egypt, explores the extensive research on EMF radiation and highlights the inadequacy of the current legal limits to protect our health. She also explains the increasing occurrence of the  functional impairment electromagnetic hypersensitivity (or EHS) from public health and personal perspective.

Sources of EMF Radiation

Martin Latino (USA) and David Lange (Australia) increase the readers’ understanding and awareness of radiation sources, including transmission lines, local distribution lines, cables to and in your home, appliances, phone towers and wireless tech.

Digital Version of the Book Holistic EMF Protection Made Easy

The Book Holistic EMF Protection Made Easy is also available in digital format. Keep devices off your body though!

How to use an Amateur EMF Meter

Beata Rakowski from Canada explains what you should know and consider when buying and using an amateur EMF meter. Many people own an EMF meter, but only some know how to hold it, what limitations it may have, or what the numbers displayed actually mean. Beata covers all of this and takes you for a walk through and around the home, using the popular Trifield TF2 meter as example.

The professional EMF Home Assessment

Samir Derrar from the UK explains what this book’s authors can assist with if desired: the professional home assessment for EMF radiation. It is important to uncover and understand the complete radiation story that is going on in a home before investing in any mitigation. Assessing how the body absorbs, especially radio frequency radiation, can reveal burdens that remain hidden. Some problems may be unfixable, in which case you want the ability to contemplate if you should not mitigate and strategise how to move to another home. In this chapter, you will also find the right questions to ask when determining if a person advertising themselves to be an EMF consultant is a good choice.

Little things you can do in your home right now to reduce EMF

Jason King from the USA has compiled many easy things for readers to do or consider regarding EMF exposure from things in and around your home. He also elaborates on the use of cell phones.

Shielding radio frequency radiation with Shielding Paint

Marcus Schluschen from Canada takes you through the details regarding shielding paint. We do not encourage people to start shielding without proper consultation, but this chapter will show you that protecting yourself with shielding paint is not all that difficult once a proper strategy has been created. This chapter will also serve as a valuable guide for those about to apply shielding paint to protect their families.

Shielding radio- and low-frequency radiation by other means

Azul Fernandez, an Australian Engineer based in Italy, then covers the other solutions against radio frequency radiation and mitigation options that can be implemented against low-frequency radiation from electrical sources.

Electrical Wiring and Electrical Troubleshooting

Professional Engineer and Master Electrician Farzad Nejatpour from Canada explains electrical systems in homes using language the layperson can understand. He then discusses more complex situations, like net current, that can cause magnetic fields that typically require an electrician to fix. This section suits those with rare problems and less experienced electricians who have been asked to help families mitigate these issues.

Solar Power done in a safer way

Allen Cheney from Australia has a lot of hands-on experience with setting up solar power systems that produce a lot less of the typical EMF problems. Suitable for those wanting to install solar in a safer way or mitigate typical EMF problems in existing systems.

Mattresses and their link to EMF radiation and health

I touch ever so briefly on an underestimated but important topic that should be taken seriously when aiming to create a health-supportive sleeping environment. The mattress!

Radiation-Free Building for Lifestyle and Health

As the final gift in the book Holistic EMF Protection Made Easy, I dive into the subject of Radiation-Free Building and share important considerations that can save someone in more than one way.


Each chapter is a treasure trove of valuable information and some authors have added additional resources that can be accessed by using the enclosed QR codes at the end of their chapters.

Now available for purchase

HOLISTIC EMF PROTECTION MADE EASY was made available as a Kindle edition on Amazon and will soon be followed by paper editions in paperback and hardcover.

If you use Kindle then secure a copy of Holistic EMF Protection Made Easy on Amazon right now if you like, or wait few weeks for the paper edition.

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About the Author:

A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.

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