Horses get sick from phone tower radiation and geopathic stress

Today I would like to tell you about Gini… An experience of the field of Geobiology by Geobiologist Bernd Sauter

Gini does not want to go to the stables anymore.

Gini does not want to go to the stables anymore.

Not only people suffer from radiation exposure. Animal and plants are also affected. Farmers and horse owners are particularly concerned with these developments as availability of stables and space for these, is limited.

It happens regularly that farmers call the academy for assistance because two or three stable boxes are always causing trouble in the horses or other animals that stay in them. It doesn’t matter which cow or horse is put there, they develop health problems in a relatively short time.

The case discussed here concerns a horse owner, who herself is a veterinarian in the Hegau region, near the southern Black Forest. Gini is a 6-year-old brown mare. This life-loving and sometimes playful horse of veterinarian Dr. Christiane Stehle, is kept in one of three small stable boxes with an outside paddock.
Within six months of being with her, Gini had already developed a second stomach ulcer. A rather worrying circumstance, which is not very desirable. It was also noticed that in hot weather or strong cold weather, the other two horses preferred to retreat to their box, but Gini preferred to stay outside in the paddock.

A behaviour which Dr. Stehle found very strange

Like Gini, there are other horses that suffer from radiation

Like Gini, there are other horses that suffer from radiation

As a geologist and construction supervisor, problems with EMF are well known to me. In the construction industry you get to see the craziest home design ideas, which inevitably lead to health problems of the residents that will occupy the house later. Unfortunately, many of the architects don’t want to hear about it when I call technical and geological problems to their attention.
Despite all this, it is nice to see that by simple mitigation at a later stage, most things can be corrected to how they should have been from the start and people who have been suffering from radiation, often recover to good health.

Our mare Gini was fortunate that Dr. Christiane Stehle asked me to assess the box and the stables. In the box we found two underground water veins which crossed. Beside the usual grid lines, which can be found in pretty much every location, the radiation from a fault line was also present. The poor animal had to (or should) live here but was thankfully starting to display avoidance strategies when it came to this area.

Gini was waiting for geopathic stress radiation protection

Gini was waiting for geopathic stress radiation protection

Radiation shielding of a horse box

My recommendation was to protect the stables with a satellite mat from GEOVITAL.

Three days later, when the GEOVITAL satellite arrived by mail, I installed it immediately and measured its effectiveness. All earth radiation was successfully shielded.

A few days later I received a joyful call from Dr. Stehle with the message ‘This morning, Gini was in the box to sleep and is even on the floor!’ which is what horses only do when they feel comfortable and safe.

Gini the horse is healthy again

Gini the horse is healthy again

We shielded the stable in August 2015 and up to this day there have been no further similar health issues. I think it is absolutely wonderful when you can help someone else with such a simple remedy.

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Bernd Sauter is a Geobiologist and Construction Supervisor in Germany with many years experience. He gets the most joy from being able to fix the unfixable problems and help other people.

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