Housework routines with dangerous consequences

For 11 years now, I have been a Geobiologist. I look back on very exciting years as a graduate Geobiologist of Geovital Academy. I have not regretted my decision to give up my career in commercial cleaning equipment and to jump into the unknown territory of Building Geobiology. I haven’t looked back since, after all, what could be nicer than to help sick people get well.  My experience came in countless forms throughout the Alps, from Lake Constance to Lake Caldaro in South Tyrol up to Lake Neusiedl.

Through thousands of measurements I met with people who had been chronically ill for years or even decades. I also witnessed tragic outcomes and in many cases the total powerlessness of conventional medicine to find the true background cause behind suffering. Time and again only symptoms are being treated. From all my years of experiences, I would like to present the most interesting case. A case that started in 2003 and continued tragically in 2013.

During the 2003 autumn exhibition in Innsbruck, I met family K. from the Tyrolean lowlands. The couple ‘K’ lived in a charming cottage in the middle mountains, about 30 km east of Innsbruck. The types of illnesses that made Mr and Mrs K’s life difficult led to a prompt booking for a bedroom investigation.



A few days later in October 2003, I visited the home of family K and we did the radiation assessment. The result was significant and coincided exactly with the clinical symptom picture which I will describe below. The land and house stood on a massive area of mixed mineral layers in the ground (Voltaic process) and was being crossed by water veins. The pervasive grid lines, including an intersection of Curry lines at chest level within the water vein on the part of the bed where the lady slept, was detected. At the time of the survey, the couple K had been sleeping in this room for 2 years. Its also interesting to note that new Latex mattresses where also present.

After the assessment, the couple told me of their health concerns. Mr K started with is description of his situation:

Shortly after they moved into the new bedroom, the problems started. He always felt stiff in the spine and got massive pains in the legs. The pain became so server that one day he could not get out of bed. In hospital he was examined in great detail and confronted with the suspicion of deformation of the intervertebral discs and blocked nerve pathways. They contributed everything to his work as carpenter and recommended him physical therapies and many injections with cortisone. Pain medication then nearly destroyed his stomach. But… nothing helped. As soon as he was discharged from hospital, was back to work and every night slept in his own bed, the pain started up again. This was followed by insomnia and erectile dysfunction.

His wife also had problems but they were not as extensive. She reported sleeping difficulties and “such a funny pressure on the chest during the night”. Conventional medicine could not find a reason for the chest discomfort and for the sleeping difficulties sleeping pills were prescribed.

I recommended the appropriate bedroom shielding in accordance with the Geovital guidelines, as in: two shielding mats with oscillating circuits to be placed under the beds to effectively deflect the excesses of natural radiation in the sleeping area. The installation of a circuit cut-off switch by an electrician to address the electric field radiation exposure during the night which was also charging the latex mattresses. An antistatic Geovital stretch-effect mattress should bring support and traction to the musculoskeletal system to allow optimal recovery during sleep. All my recommendations were ordered or immediately implemented by family K. There was one exception: Mrs K did not want to throw out her new latex mattress.

The measures taken brought a complete turnaround in just 4 weeks. Mr K very quickly regained his full mobility and was free of pain. He also slept well again and the previously dwindling potency made an “impressive” comeback. This was naturally a source of joy for his wife. Her pressure in the chest was gone and the quality of sleep was very well again. Sleeping pills they did not need anymore.

In the months that followed I called family K a few times. He send me a photo where you could see them holding hands as they hiked through the mountains.

The years went by and many other interesting cases followed, but the story of the K family always stuck in my mind.

In October 2013 I received a call from Mrs K. She asked me when I could come to her, she would like a follow-up measurement. I asked how it was going for her and her husband. “My husband is fit as a fiddle without pain. There is nothing wrong with him…” she told me on the phone, “…but with me…” she continued, “…breast cancer was found in the spring of 2013. I have already had a serious operation and now I get chemotherapy in the clinic.”, “Yes, and sleeping I don’t do well anymore for quite a while now. Everything started so good after the shielding 10 years ago, but now I’m a wreck!”.

There are no coincidences in life and also this case must have a very specific reason. As this case was controversial and this had never happened in a shielded bed in the last 30 years of Geovital Academy’s history, I went to family K a few days later which was then 500 km for me. An hour long detective like search began.

The shielding mats and stretch-effect mattress of Mr K were as good as new. The 10 years of use was not noticeable which was a real credit to the quality of Geovital products. The circuit cut-off switch worked flawlessly.

Only when measuring the radiation shielding mats, I noticed that the shielded area was smaller than it should have been. I performed a measurement to determine how much stimulation factor the mats could handle.

They should reduce geopathic stress to a value of 400 to 500 SF, a value that is relevant to health and should remain. These mats however let radiation up to 1500 SF through. The water vein and ground mixing had the same values as 10 years ago. Only, and this when the alarm bells started ringing in my head, the Curry line crossing which always has a 1400 stimulation factor, was now getting through unfiltered onto the body and especially the chest area of Mrs K.

It was crystal clear, the shielding mats only worked partially. But what was the reason for this? The Geovital shielding mats have a life span of a few decades. Provided that they, in accordance to the Geovital guidelines, are regularly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner hose to revitalise their function.

I asked if the mats had been subjected to mechanical stress, like being used as gym mats for children. This was denied. Then the right idea came to me: the lack of proper cleaning or vacuuming the mats could be the sticking point. I asked when the last time was that the mats were cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. Four weeks ago, was the answer. That was suitable as the intervals of vacuum cleaning would then be 6 to 8 weeks. Next I asked Mrs K to demonstrate to me how she vacuum cleaned the mats. In the meantime also her son, a carpenter, and his wife had joint us. They too had their home protected against radiation by me.

Strahlenschutzmatten richtig absaugen

Strahlenschutzmatten richtig absaugen

We all saw how Mrs K vacuum cleaned the mats and now I knew immediately what had happened. Mrs K had been cleaning the mats totally incorrect. Not in accordance with the instructions or my explanation, but in the way housework is usually done, using the floor nozzle with which one normally vacuums a carpeted floor. The daughter in law was the first to say something, with a pale face “Mom, you are vacuuming the mats totally wrong. This should not be done with the floor nozzle but only with the curved extension tube to the hose. You have to suck the air through the mat to effectively revitalise the mat… I always do it exactly the way Mr Lübcke showed me years ago.“

After the initial fright had subsides somewhat, I asked Mrs K for how long she had been doing it the way she just showed us. It was certainly the last 3 years that she had been doing it this way. The old way of getting rid of dust quickly had worked its way back into here routine. Obviously she had simply forgotten the correct way of cleaning the mats and had taken the easier way by doing it standing up, rather than kneeling down. It practically meant that: “The cancer had a chance to appear because the mats were incorrectly cleaned!”

Then I cleaned the mats the way they are supposed to as a demonstration to all. The control measurement done a few minutes later confirmed the full shielding of 2800 stimulation units.

To compare, an easy to understand example: A car equipped with the best technology, will not be able to stop in time for obstacles when the brake pads are worn out and ineffective. Even the best technology always has a weak point – this is man, being the operator.

„What shall we do now?“, asked Mr K.

„Nothing“ I said. „the bed is, now, perfectly shielded again.” But I did advise them, as a sort of psychological effect, to position the bed differently in the room. The son then commented “Dad, your bedroom is out of date anyway. As a Christmas gift you’ll get from me a completely new furnished bedroom with new bed, robes, etc. Mom’s mattress wasn’t great 10 years ago and you saved money on the wrong things. You will order from Mr Lübcke the great Therapie stretch-effect mattress, the exact same one that restored dad’s health and mobility.” Mrs K did this immediately.

This final measurement was for everyone involved, including myself, a highly educational experience. At first glance a little issue, but with massive consequences for the health of Mrs K.

On the 10th of January 2014 Mrs K called me full of joy in her voice. Since the middle of December she had been sleeping on her new bed with stretch-effect mattress. Her and her husband both sleep wonderfully and this every night! The doctors at the Innsbruck clinic were surprised at her rapid healing progress. Her husband gave her for Christmas a lighter and more powerful vacuum cleaner, so that the cleaning of the mats is very easy.

“And” she said down the telephone “my neighbor also suffers from cancer. She has witnessed my suffering and now my quick recovery. She needs you as radiation hunter… When is the first opportunity that you can visit us and her?”

But, this will be a another story…



About the Author:

Dipl. Geobiologist Hans-Jörg Lübcke was been a technical advisor to the academy and retired since 2013. His knowledge is a valuable asset to patients and colleagues. He completed his diploma thesis in 2005 with the highest honors. His motto: “One doesn’t have to be sick – Ignorance does not protect from harm”.

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    Hello Mr Lübcke, that is really a great story. I am myself also a Geovital colleague, but only since 2 years. I share your opinion that there is nothing more rewarding than helping others. I have also noticed that patients forget the tips and instructions. I know it is mentioned in the manual but maybe a fact sheet might be helpful. Thank you for your contribution.

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