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How close is too close when living near transmission power lines

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Many people would wonder, when looking at homes near high voltage power lines, if those can be bad for you, or even cause cancer. Properties near transmission lines don’t sell well, sell cheaper and often come back on the market. Those looking to purchase and those living near high voltage power lines already, might ask themselves:

What is the safe distance for living near high voltage power lines?
How close is too close?

Normal street power lines are much closer to homes and can cause the same problems are high voltage power lines.

Normal street power lines are much closer to homes and can cause the same problems are high voltage power lines.

In our line of work we get asked this regularly…  It comes mostly from people looking to purchase or rent a house near high voltage power lines. It seems, in my experience, that those who bought a house too close to power lines, made the decision a while back that it was safe and dare not go back on that decision and admit they were wrong.

How is health affected by high voltage power lines?

When electricity flows an electromagnetic field is created that kind of swirls around the source of the radiation like a whirl wind. Its strength depends on a number of factors, but how much and how strong the electricity is that flows through is significant. As you move further away from the source, the strength of the magnetic field would normally reduce. Magnetic fields can be larger than you think.

This electromagnetic radiation (EMR) cannot practically be shielded against. This type of electronic pollution  is a very important one to investigate before committing to ANY property regardless if it is positioned near high voltage power lines or the ‘everyday’ street power lines running up and down most streets. The majority of homes are not affected by these electromagnetic fields by a serious degree, but a home being exposed is certainly not rare either.

The ongoing exposure to EMR can slowly start to ask its toll. Chronic complaint, fertility problems as well as cancers could be caused.

The ongoing exposure to EMR can slowly start to ask its toll. Chronic complaint, fertility problems as well as cancers could be caused.

‘The government wouldn’t allow you to live that close to transmission lines if it were dangerous’

The problem is that maximum exposure standards set or accepted by governments are typically based on outdated research. What is considered ‘legally safe exposure’ has been showing for years that there are clear links to health issues, fertility problems and cancer.

The strength of low frequency electromagnetic fields is expressed in milligauss (mG) or nanoTesla (nT) or other values. In most countries the maximum ‘safe’ exposure to electromagnetic fields is 1000mG. Have a look at the table below what peer reviewed research has found over the years:


1000 mG Many governments safe maximum
2 mG to 12 mG Shown to block the hormone melatonin in its anti-cancer action (abstract)
4 mG Consistently mentioned by various research to increase likelihood of childhood leukaemia (abstract)
1.6 mG Double the chances of sperm abnormalities (abstract)
1 to 2 mG Mortality rate in children with leukaemia shown to be up to 370% higher than children with leukaemia that are not exposed to 1 to 2 mG (abstract)

Therefore, a reading of just 1 milligauss (1 mG) is the value you don’t want in your home. Depending on what instrument you use and the way it measures (a flat measurement or a weighted measurement), the values you don’t want to exceed varies depending on who you speak to, but often lays between 0.8 mG and 0.3 mG (80 nT to 30 nT).

An example of one and the same property located near high voltage power lines. It is for sale frequently, gets sold and some time after is back on the market for a long time. High voltage power lines can be problematic at far greater distances, but small street power lines can also produce similar problems.

An example of one and the same property located near high voltage power lines. It is for sale frequently, gets sold and some time after is back on the market for a long time. High voltage power lines can be problematic at far greater distances, but small street power lines can also produce similar problems.


Governments can’t go back on exposure limits to EMR, it would cripple the economy

How close is too close when it comes to high voltage power lines, and how are our children affected?

How close is too close when it comes to high voltage power lines, and how are our children affected?

Think about this: Governments and local building requirements have allowed buildings to be constructed close to power lines for so many years, and condoned the placement of high voltage power lines, as well as street power lines, very near existing homes. If the exposure standards were now to be lowered in light of research showing health effects, it is like admitting fault that everything they supported in the past was a big mistake. The lawsuits from such a move and the amount of homes that would then simply need to be declared uninhabitable would likely cripple an economy.

What is a safe distance for a home near high voltage power lines?

It is difficult to simply attach a ‘value’ to what a safe distance might be.

  1. If you had a figure and it was not conservative enough, you might end up buying or renting a home too close to high voltage power lines and your health or your quality of life (chronic complaints etc.) could be severely affected.
  2. If you had a figure and it was too conservative, you might find yourself walking away from a dream home that was perfectly ok to purchase.

Either way, giving you a ‘safe distance figure’ is not really helping you without realising the implications of it.

Measure EMR yourself before getting professional help, but help you will need to deal with the more common domestic radiation sources

EMF radiation from phone towers, but even more importantly power lines, should be measured before buying any home.

EMF radiation from phone towers, but even more importantly power lines, should be measured before buying any home.

The best solution is to measure EMF exposure on a property near ANY power lines and you can do this yourself initially. You may be shocked to find out how many homes are affected by this and that many of those homes are nowhere near those ‘big’ high voltage power lines.

Once you find a home where the values are under the 0.8mG or 0.3mG depending on the instrument method of measuring, it seems to be giving you the ‘green light’. The smart thing to do, is to then get a professional to do a pre-purchase inspection and reconfirm your good findings before buying or renting a property. Just like you wouldn’t think twice about organising a pest inspection or structural building inspection before buying a home.


The consultant can then also investigate for the more common radiation types we find in most homes (electric fields in the bedroom and radio frequency radiation from phone towers etc.), and explain what needs to be ‘updated’ to the property to create a healthier environment inside.

From my time as a real estate agent, in my opinion, you are better off not putting an offer subject to a home health/EMR pre-purchase inspection, but rather do it before you put the offer in. This way you ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ (the other potential buyers) and you can, when you are happy with the property, put an offer on the table that is not subject to this ‘weird’ request that vendors will be unfamiliar with. By doing this you don’t make your offer less attractive and reduce your chances it gets accepted. – Every home buying situation is different, so you have to make up your own mind on what the best strategy is for your situation.

Distances within which you should not fail to measure EMF radiation from power supply

Homes built way too close to power lines in Nieuw-Beijerland in the Netherlands.

Homes built way too close to power lines in Nieuw-Beijerland in the Netherlands.

As long as you are fully aware that these figures could be not conservative enough or may be too conservative, here are some distances within which you should definitely investigate the EMF exposure:

My health is affected from living near power lines, what can I do?

This a not a great situation to be in. You purchased a home, not knowing about electronic pollution and environmental health burdens, or perhaps you didn’t think this was a problem.

radiation exposure and breast cancer

radiation exposure and breast cancer

The thing to remember is that your sleep is your key regenerative time… the time when your body is supposed to fix itself. For this reason, the exposure during sleep time should be seen as the most important. Sometimes, the field of electromagnetic radiation from power lines wears off over a relatively short distance. It could be that a bedroom close to the source, is affected by unsupportive levels of EMR whilst the distance to another bedroom is just enough to reduce the levels of EMR to a level where you get a better restorative sleep in terms of electromagnetic fields. This is worth investigating and perhaps moving your bedroom.

If excessive EMR exposure from high voltage power lines can’t be avoided or removed, as often it can’t be, then moving yourself away from the home seems the only logical option. Everyone has to come to that decision themselves.

If moving bedroom or house is just not an option then you should reduce all other sources (the common ones) of radiation, in specifically the bedroom, to attempt to make the burden as little as possible. You will need a proper home assessment for low-level radiation and geopathic stress, and use verifiable solutions. This may still not produce a healthy bedroom, as there is still an elephant in the (bed)room, but it will help the body as much as is possible.

In a distant past Patrick van der Burght gained experience in real estate.

In a distant past Patrick van der Burght gained experience in real estate.

Selling a property near high voltage power lines can bring both a financial and moral dilemma

People are becoming more aware that properties near high voltage power lines, as well as mobile phone towers (article), are getting harder to sell unless the vendor is prepared to reduce the price. The other problem for those realising their health has been affected by something that is ‘perfectly legal’, is that by selling it, they are passing the problem to another family who are unaware.

Brushing off the situation as a ‘Buyer Beware’ situation doesn’t seem entirely justifiable, what do you think? (leave a comment below, please) Legally, I would imagine, you would be safe as the exposure standards legally allow for this exposure to people. It is a tough one…   Perhaps offering a bargain price (compared to properties not near high voltage power lines) is a way to have peace with one’s conscience…   I don’t envy you for being in this situation, if this applies to you.


To buy or not to buy near power lines… that was the question

The message I’m trying to get across here is to go and measure. High voltage power lines or tiny street power lines, electromagnetic fields should be taken seriously when considering committing to a property. Homes are plagued by electric fields and radio frequency radiation as well, but this can normally be addressed just nicely through a proper assessment and products that are well designed solutions.

If this article was of benefit, if you have personal experience or questions, then please leave a comment below.

Feature photo take in California, USA.


About the Author:

Patrick van der Burght
A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.


  1. Micky 27/05/2018 at 00:43 - Reply

    I’ve been living at an apartment complex for two years now and I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with me until I looked up at that power line and heard it sizzle. I had a sort of eureka moment once I put the pieces of the puzzle together. See, I am 28, should be in my prime and I’m not. I’ve been having all kinds of problems, but the worst is the insomnia that started coincidentally right about when I moved in. This power line is not even 20 feet away from my bedroom. I can hear the electricity surge through it when I have the bedroom window open, and I’m in the basement! I have to wonder if that’s why people have been so crazy here as well, even the landlord who lives two floors above me is absolutely out of his mind sometimes.

    Does anyone know where I can get a device that measures all of what was mentioned in the article?

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 28/05/2018 at 11:53 - Reply

      Thanks for sharing Micky.
      Magnetic fields is what you need to measure. A nice amateur meter is the TF2 I did an article on not long ago but all those cheap meters do fall short when it comes to radio frequency and electric field assessment. You really need a consultant for that. But, given what you describe, it sounds like magnetic fields may be high and you can’t shield against them… so measure first and then assess if its a good long-term strategy to stay there under those circumstances.

  2. Eugenia 23/05/2018 at 04:48 - Reply

    Hello Patrick I hope you can respond fast enough 😉 we are trying to put a offer for a ome we REALlY like for our Family but we are not sure if the readings we have makes sense. We are extremely health councious and would not move to a home that would be detrimental to our kids healthy. But I am not sure if I am understanding the readings … sorry I am kind of a complete ignorant im that area. Our Reading arr 38V/m and O.10 uT Normally when we go around power lines etc this thing will make a sound letting us know the danger. In the yard of the home we love did not make the soung but not sure if the readings still safe for our family. TIA

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 28/05/2018 at 12:05 - Reply

      Hi Eugenia,
      Good example of having a meter and not knowing what you’re looking at. I’m assuming where you bought it there is also nobody to ask…
      The uT (microtesla) reading will be the magnetic field value. In order of magnitude (going smaller) it goes from 1 Tesla, to millitesla (1/1000th), microtesla (uT) (1/1,000,000th) to nanotesla(nT) (1/1,000,000,000th). Health affects are well documented from levels of 100nT and in our industry we say ideally we should see maximum 30nT in a bedroom environment.
      Your reading, provided it is accurate, is 0.10uT which would equal 100nT.
      The other thing to realise is that magnetic fields are caused by current and so when the usage of power increases on a daily basis or in the years to come, your exposure can be different.
      I would advise anyone to buy a quality gauss meter to measure with yourself (knowing what you’re looking at of course. Buying these things cheap from companies who just SELL stuff but can’t help you is not the right place to start) and once you think you have a home without magnetic field issues, then get a professional through to confirm your findings and properly investigate the usual problems nearly all homes have and how to mitigate that for you.
      Good luck with the house hunt 🙂

  3. Richelle Tan 13/05/2018 at 03:06 - Reply

    Good Day! May I inquire? we have a lot property near the power line 10-15 meters away. Is it risky in health? As was said in that subdividsion it was approved by the goverment but as checking and researching, it was very risky. Can you suggest what to do in that property? File against that subdivision due to effect of that power lines?

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 14/05/2018 at 11:34 - Reply

      Hi Richelle,
      10-15 meters sound very very close. You have to measure what the exposure is and then make your mind of what increased risk is acceptable. Most of this is covered in this very article. 0.3mG (=30nT) or less is ideal for the bedroom. 1mG (100nT) is where research starts about health affects, ranging from immunity suppression, feritity issues and cancer risk increase between 1 and 2 mG (100 to 200nT). The government limit is likely 1000mG where you are.
      Taking legal action will be hard or impossible as you will have to prove what governments are actively ignoring or don’t want to hear about. I don’t like your chances on health/radiation grounds.
      Same as other people asking: Measure and you know your exposure. We have consultants that can help you, or you can buy a QUALITY gauss meter to this part yourself. The radiation from other sources (wiring, phone towers etc) will need other better meters.
      Good luck

  4. Mike 12/05/2018 at 14:58 - Reply

    I may buy a lot and build a home near some big power line and towers. I took a reading and the emf ‘s were not showing up on the meter. Reading zero. But the meter read s electric fields also and read high. What’s the difference? electric field vs.emf ? Will we be safe? Is it just picking up the electric from the lines? thanks!

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 14/05/2018 at 11:28 - Reply

      Hi Mike,
      Without knowing what meter you took on-site, I’d immediately think that meter is faulty or simply not sensitive enough to pick up what we need to know. Magnetic fields can come out quite a distance. Send a message using the quick question form down the very bottom of this page and we can recommend a good amateur meter.
      Slight possibility is that the transmission lines are direct current lines in which case they won’t show up on a AC gauss meter.

      Magnetic fields must be avoided as they can’t be shielded against. For Radio Frequency radiation from towers we can fix this for you in the home or bedroom using T98 paint for example. This is needed in more and more homes, and in my opinion the bedrooms of all young girls should be shielded as they have all their ‘eggs’ for future generations already within them as they grow up.

      Be careful with your purchase… you have to get this magnetic field subject right.
      Good luck

  5. Gemma 10/05/2018 at 04:27 - Reply

    Hi I am purchasing a top floor apartment …. power lines are 30-40 metres away. I would say medium sized ones …. I have 2 children. I’m tempted to pull out

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 10/05/2018 at 19:18 - Reply

      Hi Gemma, sorry to hear this information came to you too late. If possible, you should definitely go measure the magnetic fields with a quality gauss meter. 1 milligauss (mG) is where the bad news starts and so that should be avoided by some margin as magnetic fields will vary in strength depending on usage. Ideally, it should be 0.3 mG in the bedrooms in my opinion.
      Good luck.

  6. KataF 03/05/2018 at 06:54 - Reply

    Hi! Mi mum’s windows are facing right a high voltage tram cabel – as she lives right above the final stop, where trams are passing, and standing by.
    Do you think it could be harmful? She has vary many health issues, cancer(s), too.
    Thank you for the information!

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 04/05/2018 at 09:23 - Reply

      Tram lines can definately be a big source of magnetic fields which are linked to melatonin being blocked in its natural anti-cancer action. Tram lines typically function at around 16Hz and so not every gauss meter might pick that up. You should get it investigated by a professional and at the same time assess or address the other more typical EMFs in a home. Geopathic Stress can also be a serious contributor, so your consultant is ideally able to do this for you as well. Sounds like quick action is required here. Good luck.

  7. Monica 25/04/2018 at 03:06 - Reply

    We live 80 meters (260 feet) from huge power lines. But before moving here we measured the magnetic field and surprinsingly it was 0,01-0,02uT – which is 0,1-02, milligause I suppose.
    This is pretty safe for young children, isn’t It? How come it is so low given the short distance? My parents have been living here for 5 years now and haven’t had any new health issues.
    Greetings from Spain.

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 25/04/2018 at 13:01 - Reply

      Hi Monica in Spain. (Boy did I love to holiday there when I was a kid)
      If with 0,02 uT you mean microtesla (an expression of magnetic field strength) that indeed converts into 20nT (nanoTesla) which is 0.2 mG and quite a nice reading.
      There is the small chance that the transmission lines are direct current. Which wouldn’t show up will on your typical gauss meter. Try and find out from the power company if that is the case.
      If they are AC, then perhaps not much is going through… it has been low on that time of the day and could be different at other times, or the meter you have is not accurate.
      You really need a professional to investigate it for you, and also investigate the problems like electric fields and radio frequency radiation which are common problems in homes. I can do some consulting over the phone at a cost and help you investigate this yourself. We don’t have consultants in Spain yet…. if interested, maybe you should come to our training in Austria in September this year. Only a few spots left though.

  8. ASONGAMIN 19/04/2018 at 00:37 - Reply

    Greetings sir how much is 1mG in meter?

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 21/04/2018 at 20:36 - Reply

      mG (milligauss) is an expression of magnetic field strength. It has nothing to do with distance. It depends on how much current is passing by.

  9. Paul Schneider 15/04/2018 at 12:15 - Reply

    Hi, Patrick. We are looking at a lovely home about 150 feet from high voltage lines – not the huge lines that carry power from town to town, but the lines that carry from power stations to smaller sections of town. I am not yet sure what voltage electricity they carry, but enough that there is an easement area of 100 feet on both sides of the wires.
    My question is, can I use your products to help make the house safe? How effective are the shielding mesh, paint, fabric and grounding tape? If they were extensively utilized in the house, might it be enough to stave off the problem? How about a swimming pool that is 200 feet from the high voltage lines?
    Thank you for your insights.

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 21/04/2018 at 20:34 - Reply

      Hi Paul,
      The problem with magnetic fields is that you can’t really shield against them with something that is effective, affordable and has a chance of success. All our shielding products address either electric fields or radio frequency radiation. Not magnetic fields.
      ‘Power lines’ also throw of electric fields if above the ground. Shielding a home will help against this.
      The same advise applies: You have to measure and leave a little space for fluctuations in exposure and for the fact that more power could be used on those lines in the future. Buy a quality amateur gauss meter to investigate this, and when you think you have a winner, get a professional to double check your findings and investigate the other more common but fixable issues.
      We have a growing network of people keen to assist families with this.
      Good luck.

  10. Craig 14/04/2018 at 05:09 - Reply

    My water is so toxic I can’t even take a shower without filters. But I stayed for years because I could not bring myself to sell it to anyone else. Now they are building a 750KVA transmission line literally 50 feet from my bed room. You can’t make this shit up..

  11. Jeff 14/04/2018 at 01:33 - Reply

    I don’t see how giving the buyer a cheaper price provides moral relief. If you feel immoral selling a house to someone that may make them sick I can understand that. I cannot however understand how giving them some money helps with that at all? Seems odd that someone would say I am selling someone a house that may make them or their children sick but I can sleep well because they saved money? Seems like if your moral compass says nobody should live there then nobody should live there. If you feel right with someone living there then make your money.

  12. Vaddempudi balaramaiah 11/04/2018 at 14:43 - Reply

    I need the details of safe distance to construct house near the power transmission lines basing KV rating of particular line.

  13. raghu 09/04/2018 at 14:29 - Reply

    my house near street house power line line, only 2 feet gap between power line and wall. need advice

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 09/04/2018 at 16:45 - Reply

      Hi Raghu,
      Like suggested in the article… you need to measure for the magnetic fields and hopefully your exposure is at least lower than 1mG and ideally at or under 0.3mG. You can purchase a quality gauss meter to investigate just these fields, or get a consultant to assess this and the other more common sources of radiation in a home.
      Good luck

  14. Evan Tarawneh 07/04/2018 at 13:10 - Reply

    So, from this article, almost all of the houses in my city, Henderson, TX, are uninhabitable, since street lines are everywhere here, there’s 2 high voltage power plants, there’s alote of cell towers here, and, I don’t know if this affected anything, back in 5th grade, when I was at Northside (the campus for 4th and 5ht grade in Henderson) has a power plant right behind it, but it seems abandoned, since all of the transformers are rusted and use the older standard. My house isn’t close to a high voltage power plant, but I can see a phone tower far in the distance at night, and I have a transformer infront of my house, with power lines behind it. Is that too close, or am I safe?

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 09/04/2018 at 16:50 - Reply

      Hi Evan, power lines are everywhere but are not necissarily a problem. I tried to explain that in the article. The distances mentioned are more distances in which I strongly recommend you measure your exposure.Hopefully your exposure is at least lower than 1mG and ideally at or under 0.3mG in the bedrooms. You can purchase a quality gauss meter to investigate just these fields (TF2 not a bad choice), or get a consultant to assess this and the other more common sources of radiation in a home. We may have someone in Tx soon, but we also have people that travel there and do assessments. Contact us via usa (at) geovital dot com with your details and we can try to find someone for you.
      Good luck

  15. Gregorio Barnes 24/02/2018 at 01:45 - Reply

    Hola Patrick, from south Chile,
    thanks for all you do!
    Is there a source for your products in Chile?
    We are going to build a house out in the country, there is an ugly set of towers on top of a small mountain maybe 2 Km from us.
    The imediate issue is for a friend working in a big new hospital with power input lines into the building 6 feet from our friends desk! I would love to cover the windows for her, but this will no doubt stir things up with management.
    Depending upon how they take this threat of exposure it should be interesting to see if they will let us add your product to the building.

    • Patrick van der Burght
      Patrick van der Burght 27/02/2018 at 00:43 - Reply

      Adios Gregorio,
      Thank you for your message. I will email you and we can discuss how we can assist you with your new home. The 2Km distance from the transmission lines seems a nice distance but no doubt your home will have the usual problems like electric fields and RF radiation if we don’t help you. – For your friend, if its power coming into the building and magnetic fields are the issue… there is not much that can be done. Best to measure exposure and move desk to an area where exposure is acceptable. I’ll email you. Give me a few days, we’re teaching online this week 🙂
      Kind regards,

  16. simon 04/02/2018 at 08:48 - Reply

    I have become more familiar with magnetic fields that come from underground cables running along streets, I measured 30 Milligauss at the front door of properties along a terraced houses street, near a large shopping centre and cinema, it is possible that the power drawn by the shopping centre is creating bigger magnetic field exposure to the residents living in the terraced houses. Readings in the front room of the terraced cottages 7 milligauss in the front room, one of the front rooms is a bedroom, The kitchen at the back shows readings of 3 milligauss. The occupants are tenants, renting but will find it difficult to get another similar accomodation at the same price. The sub tenant doesn’t know about the readings. It is a concern also I noticed and observed my body beginning to tremour at another house, in the front bedroom, where I know the readings are above 2 milligauss due to the power draw of the owner in her bedroom with an electric blanket, a tv and receiver, a cordless phone, a router for the internet, an emergency alarm. the cables run up the wall at the head of the bed from the consumer unit below. I think that the builders are irresponsilbe and neglient with such short sightedness, at least I think people have a right to know, and led from government departments, it is true exactly what Patrick has mentioned about Government Standards, In Ireland they are disconnected from these issues, unaccountable on a cost benefit analysis, that if 5% of the population suffer in the name of progress, so be it. But I think this is the wrong attitude to have. I keep telling everybody I meet about, but some believe me more that others. It helps if your sensitive first, even if both HF and LF Radiation cause viscosity of the blood. We have to acknowledge the truth, and see the lies and ignorance of our fellow country informers of knowledge, they are not telling us many things which are damaging our health, – There is a time for war and a time for peace, You decide what you want.

  17. Dennis Dodoo 22/10/2017 at 06:26 - Reply

    Thanks very educative

  18. Patrick van der Burght
    Patrick van der Burght 31/08/2017 at 13:50 - Reply

    Hi Ashley, thank you for your comment.
    The problem is that the allowable exposure standards set by most governments is set way to high. According to their yard-stick your exposure is likely perfectly acceptable and no cause for concern. Any research showing the opposite would be simply disregarded as being inconclusive or somehow not applicable.
    Best to have it assessed with meaningful instrumentation, and then you have to make your own decision where you place your faith and if staying in a given situation is a good long-term strategy for you. If you decide to stay, then as many as possible EMF sources should be shielded or eliminated, but an assessment is the wise first step.
    Good luck.

  19. Ashley A Dalton 30/08/2017 at 14:38 - Reply

    Can I sue for this I’m 124 ft from the tower.. new house built by bf two years ago I didn’t know him then but I’m very much not well, never was.. however I’m beginning to realize this house is obviously not helping. So how do we bring awareness and fight the builder from continuing to build so close ..? They put a school right under them on other side of me I’m just outraged.


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