How much does Glass and Concrete protect against RF radiation?

From Dubai – How much does Glass and Concrete protect against radiation?

Radio frequency radiation from phone towers enters most bedrooms in more elevated levels than ever before. Building materials like glass and concrete have different permeability to RF radiation and whilst concrete tends to reduce RF radiation exposure, with glass is depends very much on the type of glass. Both glass and especially concrete protect against RF radiation but the levels inside the home may still not be good enough to make a healthy sleeping environment.

Does concrete protect against RF radiation?

Concrete has a lot of mass and offers a nice dampening function to the inbound RF radiation from phone towers and things like radar. Dampening but often not enough to reduce exposure to what we would call a healthy environment. So whilst it is a welcome reduction, we often still need to shield the home or bedroom with T98 shielding paint and NOVA fabric for the windows.

Does glass against RF radiation?

Glass is often the most permeable materials for RF radiation to enter a home or bedroom, but there are types of glass that have a higher metal content. These high metal glass types are less permeable to RF radiation and offer a welcome reduction to RF radiation that comes in from wireless transmissions like phone tower radiation, wifi, radar and airport navigation systems. This reduction is often far from enough to make, what we would call, a healthy sleeping environment but it does help.

How much does  glass and concrete protect against RF radiation from phone towers?

Well, it reduces but it is often not enough. In the video you see nice reduction in RF radiation but as you hear from the comments, the levels are still too high. So whilst a concrete home offers more protection than a timber constructed home, shielding against RF radiation is likely still needed in both.

What is an acceptable level of RF radiation for a bedroom?

When it comes to most governments, the radiation we are exposed to from phone towers right now is perfectly acceptable because they latch on to old research and don’t tend to be open to consider the vast amount of research (10,000+ peer reviewed studies, explained in this video and podcast) that indicates clearly we are harming ourselves. This is likely linked to the economic interests of the telecommunications industry and the fact the unknowing consumers keeps demanding more data at faster speeds.

The GEOVITAL Academy for radiation protection base in Austria has extensive experience with the problem of assisting people to recover or protect health. In our experience, the body should not be absorbing more than 100 microVolt of RF radiation during sleep and ideally it would be close to 30 microVolt. In the video you see the excessive RF radiation outside the apartment and still see it is too high inside the building, despite the concrete all around. To get this assessed with trained professionals and professional equipment, you can find one of our consultants, or become a consultant yourself.

Dubai high-rises are big targets for RF radiation from phone towers

Just like other tall buildings, the apartment buildings in Dubai tend to receive a lot of RF radiation from phone towers because they are ‘visible’ to so many phone towers in the city. Each contributing a bit more RF radiation without having to go through buildings to reach the tall buildings sticking out from the landscape.


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