How to DIY floor shielding under your EMF canopy

How to make EMF floor shielding that is (cost) effective and multi purpose under your shielding fabric canopy

A KING size EMF Shielding Canopy with the edges lifted

An EMF radiation NOVA shielding canopy is an easy to self-install instant defence against RF radiation.

The floor is often forgotten when people put a EMF shielding canopy in place in their bedroom. Here we explain how, using simple but effective materials, you can create floor shielding under your canopy that protects against radio frequency (RF) radiation from below AND electric field exposure from nearby electrical cables.

A shielding canopy is a quick and portable solution to RF radiation

For those of use who don’t own their home and are often burdened by the ever increasing levels of RF radiation from outside, the implementation of a NOVA shielding canopy is a quick and powerful solution that you can take with you when you move. The alternative is the use of T98 shielding paint on walls and ceiling (which can be done by anyone, see video), combined with some NOVA fabric on the windows, but you’d have to leave it behind if moving to another home (that is not to say that you landlord might not pay for it if you asked! We have had clients who’s landlord did pay for all materials if they implemented it)

Not all shielding canopies are the same in terms of protection and surprisingly DURABILITY

a roll of GPA shielding mesh against EMF radiation

You don’t need much GPA mesh to shield the area under your EMF shielding canopy.

As Sascha will explain to you in the video, not all shielding fabrics are the same. We would hope that you assumed as much when thinking about the performance in terms of RF radiation reduction capabilities a fabric may have. However, you might be shocked to find out that when it comes to the construction of the material itself, many manufacturers take shortcuts to lower price or increase margins. One of these short cuts is not having the metal inside the fabric protected against the effects of water, corrosion and washing. For many fabrics, your shielding effectiveness will literally go down the drain each time you wash it! Add to this the ugly discolouration that oxidation brings about and you have been taking for a ride on many factors.

As you know, the GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection has always come from working with patients for whom we wish long-term benefit… not one-shot sales. So, shielding that washes away doesn’t sit well with us and you are protected against that too with GEOVITAL NOVA fabric products which are unique to us.

How to hang a EMF shielding canopy in the bedroom?

GPA shielding mesh about to be cut to size

Lay out and cut your GPA shielding mesh to size to cover the correct area under the shielding canopy.

A canopy should be wider than your bed for some much appreciated comfort. If the fabric hangs against he edges of your bed you’ll have it in your face the moment you put your feet on the floor when getting out of bed. This is annoying and less hygienic, and having some more space in the canopy gives you a feeling of much more space.

The shielding canopy should hang above the bed and can be suspended from its anker points (see this video) or a rod can be inserted in the sleeves found on the edges of the NOVA shielding canopies which support the canopy along its full edges so it looks nicer and you can suspend the canopy from the rods instead which makes it less prone to damage. In this case your anker points on the ceiling can then also be conveniently directly above where the attachment point on the canopy will be.

HeightWhat is the right height for a shielding canopy? Should it touch the floor or be free of it?

Overlapping of GPA shielding mesh

Overlapping is very important for good conductivity between panels of GPA shielding mesh.

At the GEOVITAL academy we believe that the EMF shielding canopy should hang about 5cm / 2inch above the floor and your floor shielding. If it rests on the floor you could argue it shields a little more, but if you could step onto it with your feet when exiting the bed, you could pull on he canopy stitching and weaken it. If you are on ground floor, then 5cm/2inch is not going to make much difference in your RF protection. If you’re not on ground floor, you need floor shielding and when you make this wider than the width of your canopy, the 5cm/2inch gap will prove less significant again. Measuring RF levels is of course best to verify what works best for you but we have a lot of experience behind us.

DIY Floor Shielding under your shielding canopy

Inspecting the copper thread for grounding the GPA mesh

Copper wire is the best to use to ground your strips of GPA shielding mesh.

You have a few options when it comes to shielding the floor area under your canopy. A piece of NOVA fabric could be used and hidden under carpet or some other floor covering. It cannot be grounded (and for very good reason as Sascha explains in the video) or your shielding would dramatically reduce over time, and it can be beneficial to have the floor area free of electric fields (which is what a grounded materials would help with) so many of our patients and health clients craft floor shielding as shown in the video by GEOVITAL’s CEO Sascha Hahnen. This project requires some GPA shielding mesh and a few other things.

As shown in our video, to make floor shielding under a shielding canopy against electric fields and RF radiation, you need to have:

  • a plan to order the right amount of GPA shielding mesh
  • some 1.5mm (0.06inch) or 1mm (0.04inch) copper wire
  • adhesive material if needed/desired
  • a floor covering material (carpet/rug/floor panels)
  • a licensed electrician to make the final connection to ground
Weaving copper wire through GPA mesh

There is a trick to weaving copper grounding cable through GPA shielding mesh.

It is a good idea to make the floor shielding wider than your canopy. This adds protection against more electric fields from a wider area of the floor and reduces more RF entering the canopy from below.

How much work is it to shield the floor under a canopy?

With some careful planning and getting your products and tools organised you could do this in a day. You need to remove the bed frame first of course and put it back later, for which you’ll need some assistance but you could likely get this done in a day.

No need for a professional EMF assessment?… Not really

Whist we’re posting some helpful insights and a how-to-video here, we are not suggesting you put up a canopy and then think you’re done creating the functional sleeping environment. There is a little more to creating a healthy sleeping environment.  The NOVA canopy helps you with RF (radio frequency) radiation on which there is so much research that it has negative effects on health. The grounded floor covering will help with electric fields from the floor, which is good, but there are other areas where electric fields will come from. There may be magnetic fields. There could be geopathic stress from the ground and the mattress you already own is likely not working with your health.

A GEOVITAL consultant is trained to help you investigate your home with professional tools and learn to understand all the important factors to consider and what should be improved. Whilst a NOVA shielding canopy is a great defence of your health, you should not fail to address the other issues, which may be few, to do the job properly. You want to create a space to rest and regenerate properly. Removing 1 or 2 burdens is good but if the rest still prevents you from optimising that space, it is a waisted opportunity.

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