Kennedy’s Nicole Shanahan Drops Truth Bomb: EMFs Are Causing Chronic Illness

Kennedy’s Nicole Shanahan calls our EMF radiation health burden

Get excited. RFK Jr’s new pick for VP, Nicole Shanahan, is raising eyebrows and boldly calling out what we already knew. Chronic disease is an epidemic and the causes are clear. Her short list of causes includes EMF pollution, among other common sense sources, all heavily backed with peer-reviewed research.

Nicole Shanahan in KENNEDY24 rally

Nicole Shanahan in KENNEDY24 rally – photo by KENNEDY24 campaign

This 38-year-old rag-to-riches has made chronic illness the focus of her campaign. Why is this her passion? She has felt the pain of watching a loved one, her father, struggle with mental illness and addiction, like so many of us have. She also watched her formerly neuro-typical daughter slip away into autism. Moms don’t watch this happen without finding answers. The right answers.

“We need to investigate every possible cause of this disease epidemic which is devouring our nation from the inside.”
Shanahan said at her VP announcement party in Oakland, CA.

With a background heavy in technology and AI, she consulted top doctors and scientists to get to the bottom of why. Her findings were that “chronic disease in children is due to environmental disruptors that cause inflammatory symptoms which then reduce the child’s ability to heal.”

Top environmental health exposures

Shanahan boiled down the top environmental health exposures into 3 categories:

  1. Endocrine disruption from toxic chemicals in our food and products ­– including pesticides, industrial pollutants, microplastics and PFAS forever chemicals
  2. Electromagnetic-pollution run rampant without regulatory oversight
  3. Medications that are prescribed to address the symptoms created by the first 2, and in untested combinations

All of the above have been integrated into our environment so heavily that they “have contaminated nearly every human cell.” she said.

Kennedy Shanahan supporters

Kennedy Shanahan supporters – photo by KENNEDY24 campaign

Is America ready for this level of truth-telling?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the leader of this duo, has clearly demonstrated dedication to every one of these issues. He has spent the last four decades fighting and winning environmental legal battles against massive corporations like Monsanto, Mobil and Exxon. The media has tried to vilify him, even giving him a slot in infamous and laughable “Disinformation Dozen.” These tactics to silence him only poured fuel on the fire. They exposed more clearly the dire need for change in leadership.

Many years before the slander began, his work was widely respected and TIME magazine named him “Hero of the Planet.” for his success in cleaning up the Hudson River. Now, more than ever, we need environmentalist leaders that understand that our health is on the line. The neglect of our planet and our people is literally killing us.

Both Kennedy and Shanahan are self-described “disillusioned Democrats.” They both left their once loved party due to rampant corruption. Shanahan described her heart for the environment, good soil, and peace, but saw through experience with activism that politicians would only give vague lip service to these ideals. Kennedy, despite his family legacy in politics, was primarily a career activist. Pursuing the Presidency is simply his next step in reversing the corruption that is destroying our environment and our health.

Plan to end the chronic disease epidemic

Shanahan announced their plan to end the chronic disease epidemic, “While Bobby is working on the corporate capture of our regulatory agencies, I am going to assemble the best technologists and scientists in the world and we will use the latest in AI and computation to examine the health records databases of our nation and those other nations who are also on a quest to solve chronic disease.”

This message is resonating with Americans. In polls, Kennedy is pulling a large percentage of the vote especially among voters under 40. The percentage of voters identifying as independent continues to rise every year as the US organically drifts away from the two-party system that has spiraled out of control.

“Imagine a government that is honest with its people.”
Shanahan highlighted the negligence we’ve grown expect.

Does the thought of a major government with an active conscience and integrity, working to protect its people sound too good to be true? In 2024, it may be a reality.

Article by Angela Doherty
Photos by KENNEDY24

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