Magnetic fields around the water pipe

A Surprising Find

Magnetic fields are produced by current. Current is supposed to take predesigned paths in our electrical systems and when all goes well, magnetic fields (especially from the house itself) should be insignificant.

Tom and his family were considering moving house for various reasons. I was requested to fly to where they live and we did various assessments in the one day of homes and properties they were considering to buy and move to, or build on.

Out of a few sites, at least one was the kind where you’d run away screaming once you knew the exposure to magnetic fields from the local distribution lines. Others had the usual exposure to electric fields from wiring but this is normally addressed quite well one way or another.

Residence exposed to strong magnetic fields

During a quick visit to their existing home, strong magnetic fields were discovered that seemed to plague the bedroom of one of the children with especially high levels.

4mG (milligauss) or 400nT (nanotesla) which is the same thing, has been linked by multiple studies to an increased chance of leukaemia in children. 2mG or 200nT to the function of melatonin being affected in its anti-cancer action. 1.6mG or 160nT to increased chances of sperm abnormality and down to just 1mG or 100nT we have bad news like that. (see our research page)

We investigated and, like I teach in my courses, we managed to sniff out some current that was sneaking into the house on the water pipes. Its a bit to complicated to explain how that works here, but it was an important find.

Thank you so much

Tom and his wife send this video when they had a section of water pipe removed to break the connection… and see what the result was!

Magnetic fields can often be the reason that people move house because they can’t really be shielded against. Most of the time magnetic fields can’t be removed because they come from sources outside the house or property. In some rare cases… you can fix them. “What a Bloodly Beauty!”

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