Mobile phone towers reduce value of real estate

Is investing in real estate still better than a savings account?

We live in the media age. Countless products and topics battle for our attention, some more than others. One issue does stand out significantly and it affects us all–wireless technology in all its variations (e.g. mobile phones, smart phones, wireless USB modems).

The reason this is such a hot topic of conversation and the subject of many positive and negative studies is well known. This is about us–consumers and our money!

Virtually the entire population is crying out to wireless networks for 100 per cent coverage. The average German has more than one mobile phone. We all want wireless connections, almost always–for sending and receiving calls and text messages, surfing the internet and staying in touch with friends via social media. The dependence becomes clear when we experience poor reception, or none at all. The trend is certainly heading towards wireless connections being avail-able ‘always and everywhere’. And, with the latest generation of technology and devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets, USB modems), there is at the same time a need for high-speed Internet.

In addition, due to the push by industry for displacement of data storage away from the home computer towards online storage in the cloud, the demand for higher bandwidth can only escalate in line with demands for the transmission of massively increased amounts of data. What the UMTS and HSDPA transmission standards were not able to support, will be significantly improved with the new mobile transmission standard, LTE (long-term evolution technology).

Mobile phone towers are reducing the value of real estate

Mobile phone towers are reducing the value of real estate

Real estate as an investment option in light of mobile phone towers

There is more mention of phone tower radiation in the media than ever before. The reason is often very clear—people are suspicious of it.

  • DO you have a mobile phone? YES.
  • DO you have wireless internet access? YES.
  • So, a mobile phone transmission tower in your neighbourhood is OK, then? NO!

One fact poses a significant technical problem. Everyone wants wireless networks to be available everywhere and always, but this is difficult to achieve without the appropriate coverage. The only alternative to building more towers, is to increase the wattage of existing transmitters (i.e. When I speak louder, people who are further away will be able to hear me.).

The same applies to high-voltage power lines which pass a home. Regardless of how dependent we are on wireless communication transmissions, we do not want a transmission tower right near us. Real estate agents and people trying to sell their homes are constantly confronted with this reality; it is a home buyer’s objection that cannot be rectified, other than by significantly discounting the price.

A 50 per cent reduction in value is not uncommon when there is a mobile phone tower in the neighbourhood, or on the actual roof of the property. Many of us, who look upon investment in real estate as an alternative to a savings account, may, often years later, be confronted with the erection of a mobile phone tower. The legal situation which prevents rapid and untested construction of new cell phone towers is improving, but this only highlights the need to give careful consideration to ‘real estate as an investment’.

statistics mobile internet

statistics mobile internet

The profitability factor with phone tower radiation

In terms of cash flow, the opposite applies to the owner of a building who makes their roof available for the placement of a mobile phone tower and transmitters. Here, a significant monthly income is quite possible for the owner. In the mobile phone industry the monthly rent for roof space is normally a four digit figure.

Generally, it is safe to assume that the placement of new mobile phone transmission towers clearly leads to a measurable increase in the strength of high frequency radiation. The doubts and concerns of interested buyers of properties with neighbouring transmitters are absolutely justified and should never be trivialised.


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Since primary school and playing with iron filings and electric field experiments, Allen has been interested in the effects of radiation on people. Allen is a Geobiologist in NSW, Australia and travels nation-wide.

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