New Online Course Competition to WIN

Go into the draw to WIN heavily discounted spots in Patrick’s new live-online EMF radiation course

It has been in the making for 4 months and its sure to be an even greater success than the previous version of Patrick’s online course… the new online course starts in April 2019.

What are the benefits of an online course?
The main issues is time and money. Attending live training requires getting a week off work, travel time, travel cost, accommodation cost and the knowledge transfer is fast. Using online teaching through video conferencing eliminates most of these concerns.
In this new style course, the element of ‘business start-up’ is even more supported because those who do training often have the vision to help their community… not just ‘do a course’.

Using a new online knowledge centre, student are able to access section by section, the presentations they need to view and absorb. Within a given time frame (often a week) the students can do this at their own pace. The teaching is being done by video mostly and allows you to play, pause, rewind and replay as often as desired. This allows greater flexibility and its easier to fit into normal life schedules.

Then, at the end of the week, a live video meeting is done between Patrick and the students and the knowledge is discussed, reviewed and students can ask questions in real time. For those that have purchased and received the recommended equipment before the end of the course, a home assessment in their own home can be done under the watchful eye of the teaching staff and fellow students. What is adding even more extra value to the course is the following: on a number of occasions one-on-one meetings with some of Patrick’s senior consultants are held to give students more personal coaching. This can also continue after the course during the business building process.

For more information about Patrick’s new online EMF radiation assessment and mitigation course, visit this information page.

WIN a heavily discounted spot in the online course

To celebrate the launch, Patrick has offered 3 spots in the course at heavily reduced rates for those who register their interest. Just fill in your details and your name will be in with a chance to win.

Winners will win:

First prize: Online course access for just U$100
Second and Third prize: Online course access for just U$400

The draw will be held between the 7th and the 11th of October 2019 (our Austrian English workshop dates). For those who have already enrolled in the new online course before this time, they will have the difference between the discounted winner price and the course fee they paid, refunded to them if they end up being a winner (so if you want to do the course, don’t wait, you’re still in it to win it). Conditions apply (see below).

“I would highly recommend looking into it. Patrick has been a fantastic coach, he makes it fun and informative and I really enjoyed my time. I can’t wait to further the opportunities with GEOVITAL and hopefully do a live course with them too.”

Kayleigh. Wall, AZ, USA
Company: EMF Essentials (website)

So, what are you waiting for? Go to this registration page and enter your details. You’ll get an email with a registration button (that only works for you) and when you press it, your name is entered into the draw once (pressing repeatedly doesn’t put more entries in, sorry 🙂 ).


Good luck and we hope to see you on the other side soon.

Conditions and restrictions

One entry per family, postal address must be supplied accurately and if proven unusable voids the course access if you were a winner. Past students also welcome, but GEOVITAL consultants, affiliates, freelancers, employees and other EMF consultants with publicly advertised businesses, and the families of these people, are excluded from the completion and checks will be done to the best of our abilities after the prizes are drawn. A prize is not transferable to another person and not redeemable for cash. Previous purchasers of this new style online course will have the difference between the winner discounted price they might win and the price they paid, refunded to them even if they became professionals in the meantime. Won course spots will have to be used within 18 months from the draw date. 

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Since primary school and playing with iron filings and electric field experiments, Allen has been interested in the effects of radiation on people. Allen is a Geobiologist in NSW, Australia and travels nation-wide.

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