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No radiation, no charge guarantee*

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If we don’t find radiation of concern, we won’t charge you*
– the conditions

– This guarantee is available/offered only to customers of Geovital Consultants of the following Geovital offices: Australia (New Zealand), UK and USA. –

We see it in so many homes; Radiation from internal and external sources burdening the resident’s home and affecting their ability to rest and regenerate properly. BUT… you might wonder: ‘What if my home is different? What is my home does not have radiation affecting me? If I pay for a consultant to come, and there is nothing here… I will have wasted my money.’

That is fair enough and that is why we offer this promise / proposition so this risk is on us:

If we come to your home, investigate for low-level radiation from wiring and transmitters, and we don’t find levels that are cause for concern, then we will stop the assessment and will refund the money you paid*.

There are a few conditions, please read below.


  • This guarantee applies to homes within a 30min drive from the Geovital Consultant’s place of business (time distance as shown on Google maps directions)
  • Available with consultants of the following Geovital offices: Australia (New Zealand), UK and USA
  • The levels deemed of concern for the purpose of activating this guarantee (even lower levels may be desirable for health!) are:
    • Electromagnetic field: 80 nT / 0.8 mG or higher (especially in bedrooms this level should ideally be lower)
    • Electric field on the body in bed: higher than 30 V/m
    • High frequency on the body in bed: higher than 30 µV
  • When levels found are under these values for all 3 types, the assessment may be stopped at that time on the request of the patient, and payment will be refunded in full. When stopped, Geopathic stress (found in most bedrooms) will then not be assessed and circuits not investigated.
  • If the patient desires for the full assessment to continue (typically a 2.5 hour process including assessment of Geopathic stress) then no refund will be applicable and the assessment needs to be paid for in full, however:

This guarantee does not apply to:

  • Geovital assessments prescribed to patients by doctors/GPs
  • Houses that already have some measure of radiation shielding installed^, in the form of shielding paint, circuit cut-off switches or demand switches.

^We are however happy to extend our guarantee when the following products are installed as they (in our opinion and experience) really make little or no difference to the radiation levels mentioned above.

  • Plug-in EMF neutralisers, balancers, eliminators and harmonisers
  • Geocleans
  • Earthcalm
  • Ambiance
  • Objects to be placed in the home that claim to neutraliser, balance, eliminate or harmonise
  • Geomac
  • Crystals
  • Tesla discs
  • Floww devices
  • Blushield Tesla Gold (Portable, Plug-in or Cube)
  • Pulsed magnetic field generators
  • Dirty electricity filters (these do normally function well, but completely ignore the 3 radiation types mentioned above)

This policy does not affect your rights under the local Consumer Law.

You have nothing to loose – Contact a consultant or your Geovital Office today

The risk is on us. We will show you what might be affecting your health or health recovery, OR your consultant will leave after having given you the good news for free*.