No rest and no sleep in retirement home

Abschirmung vom Schlafplatz

Shielding of a bedroom

Pastor H. was changing his residence to reduce his workload. He moved to the retirement home of the monastery in Lauterach. After the move and his first nights in the new room, it quickly became apparent, the problems he once had, had returned – quick action was needed!

For decades, Pastor H. had resided in and was very involved in the community of Sulzberg. Many years ago various problems started to appear which affected his sleep – pins and needles, tension, fatigue, exhaustion and restless nights. The Geovital Academy for Natural Health and Radiation Protection then helped to quickly and effectively restore normality in the life of Pastor H.

Now, after having moved to the retirement home in the monastery of Lauterach, all the same problems came back. The phone call to the Geovital Academy was made quickly and an urgent appointment was made for a geobiological assessment and bedroom makeover. The results of the analysis revealed a burden from ground mixing and a water vein. But alarmingly, the exposure to electric fields from the internal wiring (LF) and high frequency (HF) transmitters was unusually high. In most instances the levels found exceeded the measurable range of our measuring instruments.

Geschlossener Baldachin

In Pastor H’s case a partition or canopy was made to address the technical issues, as the restructuring of the entire room would have been too costly. The added advantage is the way this will keep out mosquitoes in the summer. Active electric fields were removed by fitting a circuit cut-off switch in the fusebox and by painting the back wall with T98 Alpha shielding paint which was then grounded.

After the makeover, Paster H. once again found the desired restful sleep and vitality sufficient for the remaining ecclesiastical duties in the retirement home.

The geobiological investigation and remediation took place in late 2011.



About the Author:

Sascha Hahnen graduated in several specialities and medical training, is an author, seminar leader and CEO of Geovital – Academy. His motto: “Radiation protection is always a good thing!”

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