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Geovital alliance network: Refer patients to us for mattresses and be rewarded

All practitioners know that the best interest of a patient sometimes requires the introduction to another modality or to guide them to products that will benefit them. Our consultants would be delighted to receive referrals from you for home radiation assessments, but with our mattresses we can do something more formal and extra rewarding for both patient and practitioner.

Geovital, originally a naturopathic multi-modality clinic in Austria with well over 30 years experience, realised mattresses were a major hurdle on the road to health recovery of patients. As it turns out, most mattresses are a health burden on so many different levels, you would be amazed. In our quest for a mattress we could recommend to patients, we tested near 600 different types and could not find one that met our list of criteria.

We wanted a mattresses which:

  • is metal-free so it doesn’t attract radiation from outside high frequency (HF) radiation sources, or make propagation of electric fields from internal wiring even worse.
  • is antistatic, because most mattress materials work up a static charge also resonating with HF radiation.
  • has an open structure to provide oxygenation to the skin which is beneficial for skin issues and fits in an anti-aging approach, and would also make for an inhospitable environment for bacteria and fungus.
  • had a removable, washable cover that was durable but also not a burden to health, skin issues or  respiratory systems.
  • finally, realising the importance of energetic harmony and utilising critical testing like kinesiology/muscle testing, electroacupuncture and Vegatesting, we wanted a material that energetically agreed with most if not all people.

This final requirement proved the most challenging. There was always a large component of patients who displayed intolerance issues to so many of the materials used in mattresses. We found latex to be the worst and many of the well marketed ‘natural’ materials not much better. In the end, we still ended up with a foam, which you might not have expected. This foam is very special though and is produced with toxin-free processes.

Your patient have no hope finding a suitable mattress

If were not able to find a suitable mattress out of so many, you can imagine the chances your patients will have when walking into the nearest 5 bedding stores…. They will buy a mattress, therefore you should steer them to something that will help them and make your job as a practitioner easier. They would be impressed with a Geovital mattress and would thank you for introducing them to it.

Earn rewards

We have many practitioners recommending our mattresses to their patients, and we thank them for it. We like to make this more formal and more rewarding. Therefore we hope to set up a formalised relationship with you. We supply you with 1 or 2  posters for the waiting or treatment room, some flyers and order forms. You can hand ball the client to us to follow up, or better yet, you can just fill in a simple order form. We will grant you the ability to offer ‘patient’ pricing which your clients will adore you for.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling

You may contact us at any time to set up this relationship. You can use the contact form below, but make sure to put your full contact details and phone number.

We do also organise a few practitioner only events where we can explain the mattress is greater detail. You (and your partner) will be able to try them if you like too.

Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.


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