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GEOVITAL products are healthy also for the long term!

Best value for your health

Shielding mesh
For external walls and roof areas, shielding mesh has been developed that is effective against high frequency radiation. Your Geovital consultant will gladly educate (tell) you about the materials and how to use them correctly. While many manufacturers and service providers rely solely on lab test reports, we know from years of experience what actually works for your health in a practical sense.

Shielding paint
Wall to wall radiation protection is achieved with Geovital T98 Alpha. This paint creates a highly electrically conductive layer which deflects or leads away radiation. This unique paint with its graphite base can simply be wallpapered or painted over.

Shielding mats
When radiation protection is incorporated into the flooring during construction, the home is protected from the outset against natural radiation. Geovital has over 30 years of reliable results in protection of sleeping areas and entire homes.

Antistatic stretch-effect mattresses
One of the most effective components for improving a home health situation is the natural health stretch-effect mattress. It not only resolves the electronic pollution problems but more crucially, it brings people back into balance.


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