Circuit cut-off switch

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  • Circuit cut-off switch Geovital - electricity on demand

The easiest way to disconnect radiation-emitting walls

The Geovital circuit cut-off switch is an electronic device that can be used to monitor and disconnect disturbing electrical wiring. When installed in the fuse box, this device disables the electrical circuit after electricity usage on that circuit has stopped. This eliminates the associated radiation of the otherwise live circuit wiring. The nervous system is thereby no longer burdened by constant radiation exposure, especially during sleep.

IMPORTANT: Radiation assessment by a Geovital consultant is strongly recommended.

To correctly identify the circuits which need guarding by a circuit cut-off switch, a bedroom radiation assessment and measurement protocol is needed. Please realise the importance of this, as otherwise the installation of circuit cut-off switches may be done purely at random by your electrician. It is not the job of the electrician to measure or identify the burdening circuits and neither do they know how; that is the job of your Geovital Geobiologist.

Devices installed in the fuse box should be installed by a qualified electrician; this may also be an insurance requirement.

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  • Suitable for bedrooms, playrooms and lighting circuits.
  • Cut-off action is activated when the last electricity-using appliance or light on the circuit is turned off. (e.g. a bedside lamp).
  • The switch functionality is verifiable with the supplied check light placed in a power point on the same circuit.
  • Power is instantly restored to the entire circuit when any electrical device on that circuit is turned on.

Let the experts determine the correct circuits for installation of circuit cut-off switches!

In bedrooms, on average there are two-to-four circuits responsible for radiation exposure and rarely just one. Your Geovital consultant will measure each circuits’ radiation and will show you how circuit cut-off switches can eliminate this.

Did you know that 95% of circuit cut-off switches fitted by the input of an electrician are incorrectly placed? The expertise of a Geobiologist is required to investigate and uncover the radiation leakage of internal wiring. Only when fitted to the correct circuits, do these switches provide their benefit, and it requires the expertise of Geovital consultant to investigate and uncover the problem wiring.

Technical Details

Operating voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz

Monitoring voltage: 250 mV DC

Control range: activation of an electrical device with ≥ 1.5 watts

Circuit cut-off at ≤ 1.2 watts

Rated current 16 A

Switch function: Turn automatic cut-off function ON/OFF.


The circuit cut-off switch will not function as desired if there are any devices on the circuit that use even a little electricity for their own monitoring or control functions (e.g. stand-by lights, built-in clocks and sensors). Ask your Geovital Geobiologist what is involved to make this work.



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