Grounding tape

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  • Grounding or earthing tape for shielding paint T98 Alpha

Grounding tape

T98 shielding paint needs to be grounded. Grounding tape is used for this purpose.
The grounding tape we have is highly electrically conductive and so is the adhesive used on it. It is applied on top of the first layer of shielding paint and then painted over with the second layer of shielding paint. The aim is to connect all walls and ceiling panels via this tape and to have an electrician connect the tape to ground. This way the connection is hard wired in and cannot be undone by accident. Geovital does not support the use of ‘grounding plates’ with use of a ground plug meant for connection into a power outlet for this reason.

Typically you would apply tape around the room, up a corner onto the ceiling and then extend this with one tape along the ceiling panel. Most people need 20 to 30 meters (66 to 100ft) for an average sized bedroom. See the instructions that come with your T98 purchase for more details.

IMPORTANT: T98 must be grounded!

In accordance with current EU legislation, Geovital advises that all surfaces must be grounded by a qualified electrician. This may also be an insurance requirement.

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Grounding tape is available in 10 meter, 20 meter and 33 meter lengths. (33 feet, 66 feet and 108 feet)


How grounding tape should be applied