Shielding fabric NOVA

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NOVA, ideal as curtains, partitions or canopies

NOVA was developed to be an effective countermeasure against high frequency radiation and also be effective at the ‘higher’ high frequencies where other fabrics give up.

GEOVITAL NOVA – Our health clients needed a shielding fabric that was also effective it higher frequencies and it needed to look attractive. This led to the development of NOVA. This high performance solution will enrich any living environment.

NOVA shielding fabric is made from patented high-tech fiber. Ultra thin copper threads have been coated with silver for optimal compatibility. To reduce the electrical conductivity and prevent oxidation of the metal filament, it is cocooned with cotton fibres.

Cocooning is important

Bare metal shielding meshes are available and sold as ‘fabric’. The reason we stay with a cocooned thread is because it provides protecting against oxidation and shielding loss when washing it. You need the protection, and so to have it disappear down the drain doesn’t make much sense to us.

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Geovital NOVA is a semi-transparent curtain fabric for shielding against high frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF).

Typically used as curtains, wall coverings and partitions. Due to its high light transmittance and natural look, it is ideal for windows and bed canopies.

  • Crease resistant, colour-fast, low sheen, visually very beautiful.
  • Textile characteristics: Washable, iron able, sew able
  • Width: 250cm +/- 2cm or 98in +/- 1in
  • Length: sold by the meter
  • Shielding effectiveness: 34-43dB between 1.8 and 3.58 Ghz! (5G tower to handset)
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Cotton, Copper, Silver
  • Weight: 75 g/m² or 2.2oz/yd²
  • Dimensional stability: +/- 1%

Silver plated and PU painted ultra thin 0.02mm copper thread cocooned in polyester.

The metal component can not be contacted and therefor can not be grounded. Low frequency electric field must be reduced by additional measures. We recommend the use of Circuit cut-off switches or the placement of Geovital shielding paint T98 or Shielding mesh GPA.

Shielding effectiveness
The shielding effectiveness was measured by the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich to the MIL-Standard 285, IEEE STD 299-1997, VG-Standard 95 370-15, KS03 and confirmed in a report.

Wash on a gentle cycle with fine- or wool detergent at 30 °C / 86°F. Iron without steam at lowest setting. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.


Tested by Prof. Pauli in the facility of the University of the German Armed Forces, Munich