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  • T98 Shielding Paint new version with 15% absorption of RF radiation

GEOVITAL T98, the shielding paint for protection against HF electromagnetic radiation

T98 is an electrically conductive primer for shielding against, and the leading away, of radiation. By applying two or three (5G is here now) coats on a surface, shielding effectiveness of 99.99999% against high frequency radiation can be achieved. In technical language, this equates to a protective attenuation of up to 70dB or more as was demonstrated at our AMATEUR APPLICATION TEST!!! T98 also shows exceptional performance to the highest level tested at the time, 40 Ghz! Which doesn’t mean protection stops there… RF reduction will continue beyond that point too.

NEW FORMULA: Now with up to 15% absorption !!


Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation / Microwaves / High Frequency Electric field radiation from wiring / Low Frequency
T98 shielding paint effectively functions as a mirror and bounces the RF radiation back. In our latest formula 15% of the RF is absorbed and so what is bounced back is less. The normal approach is to essentially create a box which provides protection from all sides and creates a much lower RF exposure inside. In the process of applying T98 it should be grounded. Once grounded the surfaces protected with T98 are grounded and will help lead away the electric field exposure that is caused by having electrical wiring in the wall or ceiling behind the paint.
When the room to be shielded is on the ground floor, the shielding of the floor can normally be skipped. On the first floor one should consider, and on the second floor one should definitely shield the floor as well. Paint might not be the best option for that. Consider GPA mesh placed under carpet or floor boards instead. Ask your consultant for details and suggestions. Electric fields are the MOST common problem found in bedrooms as the relentless exposure couples onto the sleeper and exposes them to an unnatural 50 or 60Hz frequency all night long. When T98 is between the source and the person, it provides an effective barrier to reduce the exposure to electric fields. NOTE: If the paint is applied to the other side of the surface and the wiring is ‘inside’ the shielded area with you, then you would nor receive this added benefit. eg painting the ceiling of the downstairs room to shield the upstairs bedroom against RF from below. The wiring of the ceiling lighting would then not be behind the paint when standing in the upstairs bedroom.
Shielding 1 wall or an area that does not result in a ‘box’ should be carefully considered. Firstly other sources of radiation can be penetrating the room from unprotected sides and be reflected in the surfaces that are shielded and are likely to produce disappointing absorption levels of RF in the body. Secondly, with sides left open, a change in the outside environment (new phone towers going up) can change the exposure inside dramatically without you knowing. Therefor regular assessments and testing of the body absorption of RF should be planned for. Shielding does help well against electric fields but it does so only on the surface and ‘up to’ the outlet (power point). If a bedside light is plugged in and placed on a bedside table, it’s cables will likely pull the electric fields back into the room to some extend. The combination with well placed circuit cut-off switches (needs home assessment by professional to find the offending circuits) is there highly recommended.

Shielding paint instructions

Presentation slide of single wall shielding paint use The use of shielding paint sounds complicated but it is not. There is however a lot of considerations to implement it properly, from assessing the problem, planning a logical approach that fits in with a holistic long-term goal, preparing for the job of shielding which you can do yourself and then actually applying it properly with correct tools.

We have some demonstration videos, part of which are on Youtube but all of which can be found by follow this link AND a recording of the Definitive Shielding Paint webinar which is 2.5 hours of information you will want to know before buying or using shielding paint.


How to prepare for using shielding paint

IMPORTANT: Shielding paint does not shield against low frequency magnetic fields from sources like transmission lines (the big walkers), street powerlines, power supply cables to the property, the power cables of a meter box etc. If this is you main problem, speak to one of our consultants or offices.

IMPORTANT 2: We do not recommend starting to use of shielding paint without a professional assessment of the environment (the home) beforehand. Shielding paint should improve the environment but the use of shielding paint alone will rarely achieve, what we would consider a ‘health supportive’ environment, because very likely OTHER irritation sources are at play that shielding paint alone with not remedy. Get some professional input of our GEOVITAL consultants or other consultants who can at least assess the body absorbtion of RF radiation on the body with the HF Field Probe meter.

IMPORTANT 3: T98 must be grounded!

In accordance with current EU legislation, Geovital advises that all surfaces must be grounded by a qualified electrician. This may also be an insurance requirement.

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  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The surface area must be solid, clean, grease-free and dry.
  • Apply two coats with a high quality paint (rough surface) roller. Maintain a clearance of 2cm from electrical equipment.
  • Ideally tape these areas off before you start.
  • T98 can be painted over with coloured paint after 24 hours. We recommend investigating healthier top coat options.
  • For safety reasons, all surfaces must be grounded on the ground wire of the electrical system or by contact on a stripped section of central heating pipe (EU regulation) by a qualified electrician. We strongly recommend Geovital’s accessory ‘grounding tape’ for this purpose.

Five litres of shielding paint covers an area of about 40 m² (430 ft²) if one coat is applied. However, as the exposure to radiation from mobile phone towers and directional transmitters increases every year, you need to apply two or three coats to ensure adequate protection! Experience shows that 10 to 15 litres of shielding paint will suffice for average-sized bedrooms (17 to 18 m² /  183 to 193 ft²) when two coats are applied.

The actual coverage depends on the absorption of the surface beneath. For surfaces with high absorption, we recommend that the walls be prepared to address the high absorption. This will reduce the amount of T98 shielding paint required and avoid unnecessary expense.

  • water
  • graphite
  • pure acrylic emulsion
  • black carbon
  • additives

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) content: This product (cat. A/a) contains only 0.2 g/l (grams per litre) VOC compared to the EU limit of  75 g/l prior to 2010 and 30 g/l after.

Recommended accessories:

  • grounding tape for grounding/earthing
  • NOVA shielding fabric for windows or partitions
  • GPA shielding mesh