Construction mats – built into flooring

Construction mats – built into flooring 2016-10-14T23:52:58+02:00
  • GEOVITAL construction mats used in new built homes as radiation protection against geopathic stress

Radiation shielding construction mats – protect the entire home

If possible, our construction mats can be incorporated into, or below the flooring in a home being build. This protects the home from the start against natural influences. The placement of the mats needs to planned for and your architect will take them in account in his planning as well.

This method of protection against Geopathic Stress has been successfully used for over 25 years.

We will gladly advise you on the topic of building radiation-free both in terms of man-made radiation and natural radiation.

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For the deflection of excessive natural radiation from the ground and protection of an entire level (living room and bedrooms all as one area ) without having to place mats directly under furniture or beds, and being able to place your bed anywhere in the protected area.

Protection against

  • Water veins
  • Fault lines
  • Tectonic disturbances
  • Hartmann lines
  • Curry lines

By means of the in built interference oscillation circuits in the mat, the excesses of natural radiation is defused and lowered to levels which are biologically of no consequence. Larger areas can be shielded by placing mats at pre-determined distances from one another. For this a strategy plan will be made for you by GEOVITAL in Austria, using your building plans.


Important: The distance between the mats should not exceed 5 meter!

An installation plan is required! This will be requested for you and prepared by our Academy in Sulzberg, Austria


Size of one mat: 180 x 80 x 3 cm

Protection range: 400 – 3.800 stimulation factor

Effective shielding area: used in combination with additional mats = an entire floor can be shielded

Effective shielding height: approximately 2.20 to 2.40 meters, depending on the intensity of radiation


  • Orientation is not important, but the markings/sticker needs to face up
  • Ideally positioned within insulation material (if in use) of the floor
  • Can be suspended within timber floor structures
  • Metal over the construction mats, i.e. cabling, reinforcement, aluminum foil etc) should be avoided
  • Plastic underfloor heating pipes should be minimised over the mat.


Guide: This is how construction mats are placed when floor insulation is used