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  • Kombi mattress - customised natural health mattress

After the outstanding results achieved with the Theravital stretch-effect mattress over the last twenty-five years, Geovital decided to launch a variation of this successful mattress. The aim was to provide more specialised support for patients suffering from shoulder problems, paresthesia (pins and needles) in hands and arms, heel spurs and Lumbar Spine Syndrome (lower back pain).

The emphasis was on providing the most individualised relief and support zones possible. After three years of research and testing, Geovital successfully developed a template system and the cutting-edge technology which enabled the mattress core to be shaped, not only two- dimensional, but three- dimensional.

Using this unique technology, each mattress is manufactured by hand to create a ‘landscape’ that fits the individual perfectly with shoulder and heel indentations, and built-in lumbar and spine support. Each patient or client receives their own truly unique mattress which is exactly right for them.

The mattresses are made in Austria (Europe) with a gorgeous removable, washable cover, made from the highest quality material we can get from Tencel and are typically ready for shipping in one or two weeks.

The results over the last seven years have amazed our health professionals. Here is an excerpt from our own statistics:

90% of patients with back issues are symptom free.

70% of patients with neurological deficits in the extremities found improvements.

30% of heart patients are symptom free, as pressure is taken off the heart meridian.

40% of patients no longer snore.


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On Demand Mattress Webinars

We used to host Webinars about our unique mattresses every 2 months. To give you on-demand access, we’ve now created a webinar you can start viewing and learning from, within the hour! Register with the link below and learn all there is to know about buying a healthier mattress and why ours fit that need so uniquely.



This is how the Kombi stretch-effect works: The weight of the sleeper causes the slanted partitions to fold over. Consequently, there is a lengthening of the surface area (a stretching effect) towards the head and feet ends, generated in accordance with body weight. The objective is to bring the pressure in the spine into the negative with a -0.8 to -1 kg traction.

Based on Geovital’s own research results, in most cases, a pain-free interval of about 48 hours is achieved; this is sufficient for normal everyday life.

Our customised Kombi stretch-effect (patented) mattress was developed with the aim of supporting clients with back pain – a widespread complaint. Geovital achieved a high rate of success in its Austrian practice with the following complaints:

  • disc problems and herniated discs
  • chronic back pain
  • skin diseases and allergies
  • shoulder problems
  • sleep difficulties
  • heel spurs
  • joint issues
  • heart and circulation problems

Additionally, the Kombi stretch-effect mattress features antistatic and electrically nonconductive properties!

Physical Properties of the Foam Core

  • two-component ‘Catalyst Wellness Foam’
  • density EN ISO 845: 37.2 kg/m³ min. to 55.6 kg/m³ max.
  • elasticity DIN 53 573: 40 %
  • tensile strength EN ISO 1798: 100 kPa (Pascal unit of Standard Atmospheric Pressure)
  • stretch EN ISO 1798: — %
  • compression strength: 40 % deformation
  • EN ISO 3386-1: 2.7 kPa min. to  4.0 kPa max.
  • 70 % deformation EN ISO 3386-1: — kPa
  • compression set: (50 % relative, 23 °C, 72 h) EN ISO 1856: 5 %
  • EUFAC-Test DIN EN 1021-1:
  • air permeability ASTM D 1564: 16 l/min m³
  • allergy testing: 2 per mille


Cover maintenance:

  • Very gentle wet cleaning
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Wash at or below 60°C (USA, 4 dots, ●●●●)
Care instructions

Care instructions

Recommended accessories:

  • ‘Neck support’ pillow
  • ‘Massage’ pillow
  • Geobiological home and bedroom assessment


Our mattress production in Sulzberg, Austria, is a relatively slow process due to the non-toxic eatable adhesives we use that take days to dry.

Our mattress production in Sulzberg, Austria, is a relatively slow process due to the non-toxic eatable adhesives we use that take days to dry.


The GEOVITAL mattresses are, and our intention is that they always will be, MADE IN AUSTRIA. Our natural health clinic and environmental medicine academy buildings also house our production of our amazing mattresses that are promoted and supported by health practitioners, home health consultants and bedding stores alike.

Have a look in the video below and skip ahead to 8 minute and 30 seconds, to see our mattress production area and hear an explanation about these amazing mattresses.


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