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  • THERAVITAL with stretch effect

Theravital is the mattress with amazing effectiveness

The problem of electrically conductive mattress materials was first brought to light in Geovital’s research back in 1982. The effect of low and high frequency radiation was increased in most cases in mattresses made with metal spring systems, Latex, horse hair, memory foam, and silver threads as well as other materials.

The Academy was looking for suitable materials to recommend to patients so it carried out extensive testing in which more than 600 different mattress types were tested. To everyone’s amazement there was no material in use that met the high standards of the Academy in terms of being anti-static, anti-allergenic, toxin-free, having low electrical conductivity and high air permeability.

Spurred on by these findings, new techniques were developed to obtain the desired and appropriate core material. This was later enhanced by the participation of orthopaedic surgeons in development of the stretch-effect feature – a simple mechanical action with the aim of providing relief to those patients who struggle with joint and back pain. A simple mechanical action would convert the pressure on the nerve tissue into a relief bringing traction. For the removable, washable cover, we use Tencel.

Research done in 1988, 1990 and 1991 showed a surprisingly high satisfaction rate in improvement of joint and in back pain symptoms.
(Knoblauch, H 1988, statistics from dissertation at University of Konstanz)

This raises the question: ‘Why would you buy a conventional mattress where your only option is soft or hard?’

The GEOVITAL natural health stretch-effect mattress does something!

It’s like having your own physiotherapist. During 8 hours of sleep, it is working on you and bring relief to the spine and intervertebral discs. The movement of the slanted panels increases the flow of air and oxygen to the body.

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On Demand Mattress Webinars

We used to host Webinars about our unique mattresses every 2 months. To give you on-demand access, we’ve now created a webinar you can start viewing and learning from, within the hour! Register with the link below and learn all there is to know about buying a healthier mattress and why ours fit that need so uniquely.



The weight of the sleeper causes the slanted partitions to fold over. Consequently, there is a lengthening of the surface area (a stretching effect) towards the head and feet ends, generated in accordance with body weight. The stretch-effect reduces presssure on the spine by traction of ideally, 0.8 to 1 kg.

Based on Geovital’s own research results, in most cases, a pain-free interval of about 48 hours is achieved; this is sufficient for normal everyday life.

Multi-functional surface

Many mattress manufacturers advertise with their 3-, 5- or 7-‘zone’ mattresses. The THERAVITAL stretch-effect mattress is a multi-functional zone mattress that automatically adjusts to your body weight and body shape. At a typical mattress length of 200 cm, this is effectively a 47-zone mattress!

You can only improve on this with our Kombi mattress which is customised to your body shape.

Our mattress production in Sulzberg, Austria, is a relatively slow process due to the non-toxic eatable adhesives we use that take days to dry.

Our mattress production in Sulzberg, Austria, is a relatively slow process due to the non-toxic eatable adhesives we use that take days to dry.


The GEOVITAL mattresses are, and our intention is that they always will be, MADE IN AUSTRIA. Our natural health clinic and environmental medicine academy buildings also house our production of our amazing mattresses that are promoted and supported by health practitioners, home health consultants and bedding stores alike.

Have a look in the video below and skip ahead to 8 minute and 30 seconds, to see our mattress production area and hear an explanation about these amazing mattresses.


  • back pain
  • disc problems and herniated disc
  • slipped disc / Spondylolisthesis
  • chronic back pain
  • skin disease and allergies
  • sleep difficulties
  • Sciatica / joint issues / heart and circulation problems

Additionally, the Theravital stretch-effect mattress features antistatic and electrically nonconductive properties!

Recommended accessories:

  • ‘Neck support’ pillow
  • ‘Massage’ pillow
  • Geobiological home and bedroom assessment



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