Therapie neck support pillow with stretch-effect

Therapie neck support pillow with stretch-effect 2017-01-04T16:00:23+01:00

‘Therapie Pillow’ for the neck

After experiencing the stretch-effect mattresses, patients quickly asked if those benefits could also be applied to a pillow. Many had complaints regarding their cervical spine (neck), as well as accompanying tension.

The specialised section of the pillow produces a slight stretching of the cervical spine.

A removable insert regulates the distance between the head and mattress. This enables each user to adjust the pillow so it is just right for them.

The image shows the pillow with its cover and without – clearly showing the foam core and the removable insert beneath. Imagine the person’s body extending to the left of the pillow, effectively placing the higher area of the pillow under the neck. This will cause the small panels to bend to the right (i.e. towards the head).

One of the major points of difference between Geovital mattresses and pillows compared to other products produced by those with little in-depth knowledge of human health, is the materials used. Many foams and even natural alternatives cause intolerance issues which is why Geovital developed its own foam to address this. This makes our pillows a great complement to any mattress, but a necessity for users of our mattresses so as to completely eliminate exposure to the usual materials which, in our opinion, patients/clients should not be exposed to in the first place.

The cover
Geovital pillow covers are special! They are made of a material called TENCEL®, which is suitable for people with skin and respiratory complaints, as tested by the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Made from cellulose fiber which feels great, is strong and is a renewable resource. It is also removable and washable!

You deserve a good pillow. Allow yourself to experience the Geovital difference!

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