Measuring Instruments

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If you are wanting to make serious decisions based on measurements…
you need a quality instrument, at the right sensitivity, to give you meaningful information.

There are so many EMF meters you can buy online, some cheap, some expensive. Most are made as scientific tools or just to sell something that beeps when radiation is nearby. Geovital Academy has always had specific requirements when it comes to instruments we use, or even instruments we feel confident to sell to people. We want them to measure at the right sensativities and measure in the correct manner that it appropriate to make a decision whether or not radiation protection or avoidance is called for. There are not many instruments that pass our performance criteria. Most are not sensitive enough, showing you ‘low readings’ and giving you a false sense of security, even though there may very well be higher levels of health burdening EMF exposure than you are being shown.

We could offer a wide selection of instruments, but as most will not give you the information you need to know, we rather stick to the ones we feel are worth your investment and actually help you on your path to a healthier life.

There is sadly not one instrument that measures all the different types of radiation we are interested in in a suitable manner and so you may need a few to get a full picture of your exposure.

Measuring instruments for electronic pollution exposure

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