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Geovital EM field probe

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  • Geovital EM field probe to measure low frequency radiation in the home or workplace
Geovital EM field probe - electric field measurement

Geovital EM field probe – electric field measurement

The GEOVITAL EM Field Probe – made by, and for, those with an interest in health

If you are going to make decisions affecting you health…
you need a quality instrument that was designed by those who need it to facilitate health recoveries in patients.

GEOVITAL’s choice of instrumentation has always been very specific and has avoided many main stream instruments which seem more designed for looks and sales. We have always been critical about the instruments our consultants can use, but also for clients who want to discover actual facts about their exposure themselves.

The problem has always been that instrumentation is usually made more as scientific tools rather than a guide to make health decisions with. Most, persistently measure the air, whilst in Geobiology we are interested in health and the body, and so we want to measure the body whenever possible. That makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, the air is not sick… people are.

For years we have used only a few features of instruments because they only did that function well. Their other features were avoided as they were deemed unsuitable after closer investigation. The functionalities that did prove themselves suitable, did always have there limitations and the instrument was never exactly the way we would have wanted them.

Read on below…

Dr Loredo Ritter comments on electric field exposure in a bedroom situation:

Making a LF EM instrument to our specs to get it just right

The GEOVITAL EM Field Probe measure both low frequency electric field in V/M and electromagnetic field in nT (100 nT = 1mG). The measurements are displayed on a modern display with clear warnings when levels could be of concern to health. Most instrumentation we used always maxed-out quickly leaving you with somewhat incomplete information. The GEOVITAL EM Field Probe was built to assess the body for electric field exposure and in that approach the readings are always higher than when measuring the air. The EM Field Probe shows levels from 1 V/m which is fine as the value to avoid in the bed is 30 V/m.


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Low frequency (LF) Electric field

Electrical wiring leaks electric fields regardless if the electricity is being used or not. This means that in a bedroom, even with everything unplugged from power points, the wiring inside your bedroom walls is still leaking this constant source of irritation. Electric field radiation gets propagated by other materials, timber being one of them. The end result is that in 90% of bedrooms, when you measure the foot of the person laying in the bed, you have readings that are way too high.

30 V/M is the value to avoid. Above this, our experience shows that improvement is urgently called for.

Low frequency electromagnetic radiation (LF EMR)

Electromagnetic fields kind of spin around their source like a whirl wind. Levels of 100 nT (1mG) are to be avoided for prolonged periods of exposure. Street power lines and their transformers are the most common sources affecting nearby homes and as this radiation type can’t be practically shielded against, this radiation should be avoided. When buying a home you should measure this first to avoid buying a house that has a problem that cannot be fixed.

Sources of LF EMR and LF electric fields are:

  • Street power lines running past the property either above or under ground
  • Power cables running to your meter box
  • Transmission lines (The big walkers with high voltage electricity)
  • Substations
  • The meter box
  • Solar power installations (panels and inverters)
  • Incorrect wiring which may produce excessive LF EMR
  • Dimmers
  • Electrical engines (fans, sowing machines, Hybrid or electric cars)
  • Cars
  • Aircraft
  • Tram and train lines

Accessories & Warranty

Your GEOVITAL EM Field Probe comes with:

  • Electric field aerial
  • Electromagnetic field aerial
  • Grounding wire
  • Charger (110 & 220V)  for the internal rechargeable battery (travel adaptor may be required to make it fit in your power outlets)

Warranty period is 2 years against manufacturing faults, battery excluded.
Opening the unit or unauthorised repair by anyone other than GEOVITAL authorised service technicians voids the warranty.
Likely process in case of fault would be to return the unit to the Geovital office you purchased the device from and they will return it to Austria for assessment.
The built in fuse to protect against electrical damage to the unit from charging with the wrong chargers, may only be replaceable in Austria, so please only use the supplied charger!


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