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  • Geovital Digitmeter HF Field Probe for assessing high frequency radiation exposure in the person
Gevital Digitmeter HF Field Probe - the EMF meter for high frequency transmitter radiation exposure assessment of the body.

Gevital Digitmeter HF Field Probe – the EMF meter for high frequency transmitter radiation exposure assessment of the body.

The GEOVITAL Digitmeter HF Field Probe – made by, and for, those with an interest in health

If you are going to make decisions affecting health…
you need a quality instrument that was designed by those who need it to facilitate health recoveries in patients.

GEOVITAL’s choice of instrumentation has always been very specific and has avoided many main stream instruments which seem more designed for looks and sales. The problem has always been that instrumentation is usually made more as scientific tools rather than a guide to make health decisions with. Most manufacturers and people persistently measure the air, whilst in Geobiology we are interested in health and the body, and so we want to measure the body whenever possible. That makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, the air is not sick… people are.

We have always been critical about the instruments our consultants can use, and to get the best insights in a patient’s exposure situation as well as the success of counter measures put in place, you are only as good as your instruments and the care, experience and philosophy that developed them.

The HF Field Probe by Geovital aligns with our philosophy that the logical and best way to tell if the body is under stress from radio frequency (RF) microwave radiation is to measure the body itself. In our extensive experience we have seen it so many times, that especially air measurements for high (radio) frequency radiation will fail to indicate there is a problem, where a body measurement clearly shows the opposite. If then, based on an air measurement, protection was not recommended, we kept having health problems and health recoveries did not happen or took extensive work in our naturopathic health clinic (and didn’t last). Once we took body measurements as the deciding factor, regardless of what the air measurements told us, we now did see the results we were after far more consistently when our shielding was put in place.


You can see a growing collection of images of the HF Field Probe in the field in this article.

Why assessing the body for the burden of EMF radiation is more meaningful

The body coupling-measurement method has been used to better investigate the patient’s burden to EMF radiation by health practitioners and environmental medicine practitioners in Austria, Switzerland and Germany for over 20 years. The output of transmitters (W/m²) is in this approach of little interest. Instead the person’s body is important, to determine the actual burden.

Shielding fabric NOVA can be an quick and portable solution for people renting to deal with RF-EMR.

Shielding fabric NOVA can be an quick and portable solution for people renting to deal with RF-EMR.

The body as antenna and it’s projection (surface) area, play a role in determining the actual burden of exposure load. This value is expressed in microvolt (µV).

When it comes to determining if shielding is indicated and to find out if the quality of the protection implemented is good enough, this type of investigation is much more meaningful than assessing the air, because despite the larger surface area of the antenna (the person), the achieved values after shielding must be sufficient.

When implementing inferior shielding products, these all important body values tend to not drop far enough and we have seen disappointing results in terms of health recoveries that practitioner and patient was hoping for. In this situation, an air measurements on both professional and amateur instruments, may very well have shown the shielding to be successful. The sad reality is that the patient has a false sense of security about their EMF exposure and due to symptoms remaining, starts to focus on other health burdens whilst the radiation burden, unknowingly, has not been addressed properly.

To assess High Frequency radiation to 8Ghz properly, Gold components and circuitry is required.

To assess High Frequency radiation to 8Ghz properly, Gold components and circuitry is required.

Gold, Gold and more Gold

The HF Field Probe is a dream come true for Geobiologists and those wishing a more honest insight in their exposure or that of their clients. With the proper hardware inside, not found in budget instrumentation, proper assessment of up to 8Ghz is possible. To facilitate this, the connector components on the top (you can see) are gold, but also the internals circuit boards and soldering is all gold as this is what is required to assess up to 8Ghz!


Making a HF instrument to our requirements to get it just right

The GEOVITAL HF Field Probe assesses radio frequency ‘transmitter’ radiation up to 2.65Ghz or up to 8Ghz depending on the aerial configuration you select and displays that in medical value microvolt (µV). The values are displayed on a modern colour display with numeral and graphical representation. Most instrumentation we used always ‘maxed-out’ quickly leaving you with somewhat incomplete information. The GEOVITAL Digitmeter HF Field Probe is sensitive enough to show you levels from 0 µV to 9999 µV to give a full appreciation of the radiation exposure.

Source of transmitter radiation are being hidden all around us.

Source of transmitter radiation are being hidden all around us. (click to enlarge)

Listen to your wireless transmitter intruders

The GEOVITAL Digitmeter HF Field Probe has been fitted with a speaker. This makes the radiation sources audible which enables you to hear what the body is exposed to and with time and interest, you can train yourself to understand what it is you are listening to. Is it Wi-Fi from nearby, or perhaps Radar from far away? Directional measurement (where it is coming from) is not possible because the body is in effect the aerial, but is hardly important as shielding against one direction is an ill advised approach for long-term benefit.

Shielding should be applied to protect against all directions (all walls and ceiling, sometimes floor) to avoid reflection back into the space from other than the main source transmitter or future placement of other radiation sources on the resident’s side of the shielded wall. (video: Shield one wall?)


Perfect for the Geobiologist, Building Biologist and health conscious

The GEOVITAL Digitmeter HF Field Probe is a professional instrument for the home health specialist who wishes to be more people focused rather than theory focused. It is by no means cheap, but when health is the interest is makes sense to assess the body and let this guide your decision or recommendations to put high frequency radiation counter measures in place, AND to verify the effectiveness of actually protection of the body by implemented (or claimed to be implemented) shielding products.


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High frequency (HF) electromagnetic radiation (Radio frequency RF)

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation can come from very far away and from right next door.

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation can come from very far away and from right next door.

Wireless transmitters are almost everywhere now and filling the environment around us with electromagnetic radiation. Most EMF meters measure the air, which is effectively measuring how much the transmitters put out. Geovital has more interest in you… a more medical interest if you will, and so your Geovital Digitmeter HF Field Probe measures the body for what, of all this radiation, actually arrives in you.

Examples of sources of High Frequency electromagnetic radiation:

  • Mobile phone towers
  • Mobile phones
  • Smart meters and all the appliances that connect to it in ‘smart grid’
  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi enables devices
  • Cordless phones
  • Bluetooth
  • Digital radio and TV
  • Radar and airport navigation systems
  • Baby monitors



Features and Warranty

Frequency range: 10 MHz – 8 GHz.
Numerical display: 0 – 9999 μV
Audio signal: Representation of frequencies in tones. Volume control is located on the right side
Display size: 2.6″ TFT 240 x 320 dots
Power supply: LiPo 3.7V, 1.8 Wh built in
Charge time: approximately 3 hours
Auto-Power-off: after about 10 minutes
Low battery indicator: Symbol on the display
Controls: Button for device activation and deactivation
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD): 78x160x30
Weight: approximately 265 g

Your Geovital Digitmeter HF Field Probe comes with:

  • long contact aerial
  • short contact aerial
  • Aerial adapter for reduction to 2.65 Ghz
  • Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Charger

Warranty period is 2 years against manufacturing faults, battery excluded.
Opening the unit or unauthorised repair by anyone other than GEOVITAL authorised service technicians voids the warranty.
Likely process in case of fault would be to return the unit to the Geovital office you purchased the device from and they will return it to Austria for assessment.
The built in fuse to protect against electrical damage to the unit from charging with the wrong chargers, may only be replaceable in Austria, so please only use the supplied charger!


What is your interest? The Air or your Body?

Let us show you the difference between judging radiation exposure by an measurement of the air compared to assessing the body. The gentleman in this video asked us to test many thing, many instruments, radiation protection gadgets like shielding clothing (which we don’t promote) and lots more. Here you will see, using an previous superseded device we used to use, how a low reading on an Air measuring EMF meter fails to show what it really going on in the body. Later in the video you see that when that person’s body is taken inside our shielded school, the body measurements drops to where you actually want it to be.