Pros and Cons of moving the bed

Is moving the bed the solution?

In traditional and modern Geobiology, when geopathic stress (GS) is found, the subject of ‘moving the bed’ is often raised. It is interesting that when asked about the subject of geopathic stress, every person, no matter if they are ill or healthy, promptly suggests the repositioning of the bed as a possible counter measure. Contrary to other areas of modern living, hardly anyone considers the use of technology for this age-old problem. But, is moving the bed the right solution?

Sources of radiation exposure from geopathic stress in sleeping areas include water veins, Curry and Hartmann lines, tectonic disturbances, and fault lines. In the modern scientific view of Geobiology, geopathic stress from these sources is rarely addressed only by repositioning the bed. The best outcome that could be achieved for a person sleeping in a single bed would be partial removal of the problem; completely solving the problem is not possible. And for double beds, relocating the bed is almost never a feasible option because it just isn’t possible to get both sleepers completely out of the geopathic stress burden.

Taking a look at the so-called global grid (Curry and Hartman lines), these bands of energy (30 cm wide and storeys high) represent anomalies in the earth’s magnetic field. Due to their regular spacing (every 2.5 to 4 meters apart) they can be found in every home, on every floor and in every open space world-wide. The development of many chronic diseases and tumours has been attributed to sleeping on or near these grid lines. If there is a water vein present, this creates an additional disturbance. And if the building is located in an area burdened by tectonic disturbances, which is typical near mountainous terrain–Austria, Germany and Switzerland– then moving a bed is not only an absurd impossibility, but the patient may be put in an even worse position.

As regards the type of radiation, water veins in particular are problematical. All other radiation from the earth is constant and bound to its location (e.g. the global grid, tectonic disturbances, fault lines). Water veins, however; are not constant: they can change in intensity, width and direction. If, on the advice of a diviner, a patient had moved their bed, another move might be necessary in as little as a few months or years because the water vein has moved to where the patient moved to.

If, in addition to natural radiation, there is also exposure to low frequency (LF) radiation (i.e. electricity) and high frequency (HF) radiation (e.g. from telephone towers and / or ‘home grown’ sources like wi-fi and cordless phones); then relief or recovery as the result of adjusting the bed is completely unrealistic and unachievable.

Another factor that works against the repositioning of the bed is cost. The smaller size modern bedroom rarely has enough space to allow for complete repositioning of the bed. Usually a builder or a carpenter is required to adapt another room in order for it to be used as a bedroom. Building alterations are of course expensive and only come about because the client / patient has, in many cases, trusted the technical and professional opinion of a dowser / diviner. The alterations are done in the hope of regaining some of the patient’s previous level of health. Unfortunately, this is a misleading hope.


Geovital-BettabschirmungFor 30 years, GEOVITAL Academy has been setting the benchmarks in radiation protection for sleeping areas through its ongoing research and development program. Geovital’s procedures are based on scientific physical laws regarding radiation protection. In the past, and even in our technologically developed time, procedures which were seen as impossible, were developed and applied by GEOVITAL Academy researchers.

The shielding mats, with their built-in resonant circuit technology, verifiably deflect natural radiation; and have, in the last 30 years, been implemented in thousands of homes of chronically ill patients. By using Geovital shielding mats, patients who often had come to terms with their resistance to therapy and no longer believed in a solution; found their health restored within a few days, weeks or months and discovered a renewed joy in living.

In any case, where radiation in the sleeping environment is suspected as a possible cause of disease, a properly trained Geobiologist is needed. Equipped with broad and up-to-date knowledge, which often includes medical understanding, the geobiologist performs an audit of the sleeping areas in the patient’s home.
GEOVITAL Academy geobiologists are familiar with, and able to find all types of geopathic stress, which they know can affect a healthy or an already sick person. As well, they are aware of, and measure all technological (man-made LF and HF) burdens in sleeping areas. Last, but by no means least, they know all about the interactions of inappropriate bed / mattress materials with existing radiation and the negative effects this has on the human body.

Certified Geovital geobiologists always advise patients on the best ways to protect or shield themselves from the various natural radiations, as well as from man-made radiations–home electrical wiring, power points, wireless transmitter sources, mobile phone towers, etc. The goal–apart from eliminating the need to move house–is always to rid the patient of the burdening radiation, so that the self-healing abilities of the person can again work optimally.

In conclusion, the relocation of a bed as a quick partial solution only makes sense when it involves a baby’s cot or a child’s bed because, due to the smaller size, the adjustment is more easily made. In the case of a standard single bed, its location will determine whether a relocation is feasible. The safest and longest lasting solution however, will always be to provide verifiable radiation protection.


About the Author:

Dipl. Geobiologist Hans-Jörg Lübcke was been a technical advisor to the academy and retired since 2013. His knowledge is a valuable asset to patients and colleagues. He completed his diploma thesis in 2005 with the highest honors. His motto: “One doesn’t have to be sick – Ignorance does not protect from harm”.

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