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Radiation protected GEOVITAL HOTEL ROOM now available in Martinspark Hotel

//, In practice/Radiation protected GEOVITAL HOTEL ROOM now available in Martinspark Hotel

Hotel room that protects you against Electrosmog and more

It is now available! The hotel room which is completely set up to GEOVITAL standards and now ready to be experienced by anyone. This is radiation protection with the best quality and performance needed to create true protection against the invasion of higher frequencies from outside, and the common internal wiring. ”. Combined with a toxin-free PHYSIOLOGA mattress with stretch-effect…

This also helped address a problem that the Hotel already realised they were experiencing: “Some guests ask us: ‘Do you have Wi-Fi?’ and hope for a positive reply… others ask the same question: ‘Do you have Wi-Fi?’ and desperately hope we’ll say no. Of course, as a good business hotel we have cordless internet access for our guests, but for the other group of guests we did not have a suitable room…. Until now! We are very happy to now be able to offer them our new GEOVITAL radiation protected room”. COME AND EXPERIENCE A NIGHT OF SLEEP LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

A few months ago we met with the management team of Martinspark Hotel to discuss the idea of radiation protection for hotel guests. It has been a desire of ours for a long time, to be able to let interested clients and patients experience for themselves, a night in a publicly available and properly shielded room, set up exactly as our approach intends. Martinspark Hotel management shared our excitement about this idea and through close collaboration, the first bookable GEOVITAL radiation protected hotel room, came to be.

Wall markings in the GEOVITAL radiation protected hotel bedroom

Wall markings in the GEOVITAL radiation protected hotel bedroom

When you gift yourself a night in the GEOVITAL room at the Martinspark Hotel, you will have the opportunity to learn about the overhaul of the room and the technical changes made to walls, ceiling and floor. Detailed explanations of what has been done to the room are available for your perusal.

A few things had to be renovated and changed in order to transform the ordinary room into one that supports health through radiation protection. The result leaves nothing to be desired on the subject of health and it is ready to provide you with a rejuvenating night sleep or to simply be ready for the next day’s work.

GPA shielding mesh under the carpet

GPA shielding mesh under the carpet

GPA Shielding mesh under the parquet floor

The carpet has been removed. Under the newly laid timber parquet flooring we now find GPA shielding mesh as protection against electric fields that are pushed onto the area from the electrical cabling of the lower level and its ceiling. The GPA mesh is grounded by connection to an accessible power outlet. This enabled us to reduce the load of 500 volts per metre on the floor to zero volts per metre, meaning complete elimination of low-frequency radiation.

T98 shielding paint on the walls and the ceiling

Walls shielded with T98 shielding paint

Walls shielded with T98 shielding paint

All the walls and ceiling were painted with our low V.O.C T98 shielding paint – since a Faraday cage only works if all sides are enclosed. True to proper application, the surfaces were painted twice in order to achieve the high performance that only T98 can deliver. Between the first and second coat, the GEOVITAL exclusive, low-profile grounding tape with highly electrically conductive adhesive was put into place. Finally, a pleasant warm-white colour was chosen to give it the welcoming finish.

The original electric field values of 800 volts per metre were once again reduced to zero volts per metre after application of T98 shielding paint.

Metal-free timber bed frame

The existing bed frame was replaced with a completely metal-free timber bed to rule out the possibility of a coupling effect between electric fields that may exist in the future. This also applies to the frame of the slat system, which was also metal-free.

NOVA shielding fabric for the windows

NOVA shielding fabric

NOVA shielding fabric

In the Geobiological investigation, done at the very start of the project, high-frequency radiation from wireless transmission sources was detected. As the window was rather large, we decided to shield the entire window area with our NOVA shielding fabric. This can, like with any sheer fabric, be pushed aside if desired. A very fine silver thread is woven into the fabric which reflects the incoming phone tower radiation (and other HF radiation sources) dramatically reducing penetration into the room. The curtain is nice and bright, aesthetically pleasing and because it doesn’t reach all the way to the floor, mobile phone signals are not completely prevented, but reduced to a ‘healthy’ level.

The original measurement of high-frequency radiation emissions were 700 to 1000 μVolt. Upon installation of the NOVA curtain (complementing the walls and ceiling shielded with T98), levels were lowered to 200 μVolt (when an active mobile phone call was in progress). With no mobile phone in use, levels dropped to under 30 μVolt. Essentially, it is not recommended to use wireless technology inside a shielded room as it clearly leads to higher radiation exposure caused by one’s own mobile phone or tablet.

Shielding mats under the metal-free timber bed

Shielding mats

Shielding mats

To prevent another burden that can often affect the sleeping individual, natural radiation (geopathic stress) mats are placed under the bed which produce a technical interference. These also provide a double function.
Natural radiation refers to fields created by global grid lines, water veins, tectonic disturbances and fault lines. Whilst protection against natural interference zones is the primary function of the shielding mats, there is also a positive effect on the natural vibration of the human body. The human vibration is supported and reinforced by the shielding mat which creates a completely new experience when it comes to a healthy, regenerative sleep.

PHYSIOLOGA therapy mattress with stretch-effect

With the PHYSIOLOGA therapy mattress we then create a decisive and important conclusion to the creation of our healthiest bedroom environment within the radiation shielded room. With our mattress, the focus is on overall wellbeing and unparalleled support and care for the back.

Physiologa mattress with stretch-effect

Physiologa mattress with stretch-effect

Back pain belongs to the world-renowned and wide spread of diseases which statistically show the human race is fundamentally ill. By means of a radiation protected bedroom we can create a sleeping environment where the body can relax and concentrate on cell repair during the most crucial time. With the PHYSIOLOGA mattress we take this yet another step further.

When you lay on a stretch-effect mattress, a therapeutic workout of your back begins immediately and predominantly focuses on the muscles, intervertebral discs and vertebrae. Your body weight is converted into a gentle traction and in practical terms, this means a typical traction of about 1 kg. Your entire spine and the nerves are significantly relieved of pressure. Ideally you would also experience this with the joints. Some other major benefits of our mattresses are: biologically neutral, significantly increased air supply to the skin and a much dryer internal environment as sweat is immediately ‘blown away’ by the high aeration of the mattress through it’s movement and unique structure. PHYSIOLOGA mattresses can be classified as anti-allergy mattresses because water is used to make the foam rather than the usual use of chemicals and gases.

Hotel Martinspark

Welcome to Hotel Martinspark

Welcome to the GEOVITAL radiation protected, room 228

We are absolutely delighted that we can finally offer the use of a perfect GEOVITAL concept bedroom to any interested individual, patient, student and potential business partners. To speak about the importance of protecting ones bedroom against radiation is one thing. To experience with your own body, active radiation shielding with excellent performance is something very different. Take this opportunity and book your regenerative health stay in room 228 of the designer Martinpark Hotel, in the heart of Dornbirn (Austria – 30km from Geovital in Sulzberg. Just 15min south of beautiful Bregenz on Lake Constance).

The GEOVITAL radiation protected hotel room 228

The GEOVITAL radiation protected hotel room 228

We would like to thank Martinspark Hotel who made it possible to turn this concept into a wonderful reality. My personal thanks to Hotel Manager Mr Sebastian Reininger. Dietmar Hohn

Do you also wish to have a protected bedroom?

This desire is well founded. The decision to make an improvement in your life and create a healthier bedroom for yourself can be crucial for your future health and that of your family. A Geobiological examination is a prerequisite to determine the extent of what should be updated in your bedroom environment. We are also interested in creating more GEOVITAL concept hotel rooms around the globe. Contact our head offices. For questions about home assessments you can reach our  head offices world-wide or contact our consultants directly.

Hotel Martinspark

Martinspark Hotel
Mozartstraße 2
AT- 6850 Dornbirn

+43 5572 3760




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Dietmar Hohn

Dietmar is a Building Geobiologist and technician of the Geovital Academy. He is an expert in high frequency radiation and IT specialist.

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