Does Radiation Protection helps against COVID-19 Corona?

COVID-19 sees people scramble for (5G) Radiation Protection

Since the Corona Virus crisis escalated, the phone has not stopped working at GEOVITAL and we are always asked the same thing: Does radiation protection help with Corona / Covid-19?

Directly it certainly does not… we have no influence on the Corona Virus.

Indirectly, certainly… because a healthier person with a better immune system will of course survive infections more easily and better than someone whose vitality and immune system are already reduced. The same goes off course for any other illness that men has been confronted with.

Therefore one can make the statement:

Radiation protection is an important contribution to immune defence, among other things!
But this affects all diseases and all types of infections … including those that may come in the future. So it would be good to be prepared for such crises early on. The extend by which life is being affected by COVID-19 was also impossible to imagine beforehand, even though seriousness of Aids, Ebola, SARS, MERS were well and truely known before COVID-19.

Perhaps, as we have grown to expect from the mobile communications industry, where every two years a new radio standard makes life and health harder for us, we may also have to struggle with epidemics every 10 years.

A sound approach to healthier and sickness resistant life

GEOVITAL has been preaching to reduce all stress on the body for 35 years. One should eat a healthy diet, filter the drinking water, avoid stressful situations at work and in the family, maintain more harmony, exercise more and also avoid electrosmog or EMF radiation and geopathic stress!

Everything contributes to an exposure our bodies need to deal with, which is already out of control many would say.
Man also has his limits of stress … and might thinks that he/she is so smart and healthy that can steer through these times without being confronted by any consequences.
This is unfortunately not the case!

When sailing you always say: SAFETY FIRST!

It makes sense to make your house (ship) stormproof before the storm gets there.

Precautions against Corona / Covid-19 and everything that may follow

These days, life or death may depend on a good immune system. One should not forget that!
And who doesn’t have a grandpa or grandma at home who belongs to the Corona risk group? The topic affects us ALL … now … and in the future!

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Sascha Hahnen graduated in several specialities and medical training, is an author, seminar leader and CEO of Geovital – Academy. His motto: “Radiation protection is always a good thing!”

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