Incorporating radiation protection in your building project

Incorporating radiation protection in your building project 2021-03-06T12:01:19+01:00
  • Consultation on radiation protection and shielding solutions for existing and new homes

Improving your building plans with radiation protection and avoidance

Plan the construction of healthy home for your family

Plan the construction of healthy home for your family

Most homes are a burden to wellbeing and as new built homes are designed and wired for convenience our exposure to radiation increases. Also technology that is good for the planet, like solar panels, can have consequences for the home owner. Let us work with your architect, builder or electrician and improve on the weak points of your design by incorporating radiation protection or elimination measures often completely behind the scenes.

What do you expect from your own 4 walls?

Should your home only be a safe haven against bad weather and burglars? Or should it also protect your wellbeing and by its design support wellbeing unlike most homes?

Living healthy is vitally important. People who live healthy fight disease more effectively and replenish their life’s energy reserves.

Get your building plans checked for radiation!

Regardless if you are building or renovating, a Geobiologist of the Geovital Academy will help you to locate the radiation burdens in your living and sleeping areas. Based on many years of experience in Building Geobiology our trained consultants will plan with you to have radiation shielding and avoidance incorporated into your project. This saves money and gives your home the level of protection you wish it to provide your family.

Build a home that will add your health and happiness

On site measurements and consulting on radiation protection

On site measurements and consulting on radiation protection

Success or failure stands or falls with the interests, experience and background of your tradespeople. Geovital’s origins are as a naturopathic clinic and our success has come from our holistic and long-term approach to health recovery and protection for our patients. Your Geovital Academy radiation specialist works with you and your architect to uncover the weak points in the design which would be a health burden and select the appropriate strategies and selection of materials at the outset of your project. The cost is insignificant considering the value of a home but it is a great investment in yourself. Safe guarding your well-being is the most important function your house should have.

What is involved?

The key is to get us involved early! Preferably before the purchase of a block of land to build on. This because some sites have unaddressable radiation and purchasing such a site should be avoided if possible.

An onsite measurement of radiation can be done and from there we investigate your building plans and formulate strategies to avoid the radiation exposure found in most homes and shield against outside sources if required or desired. We would work with your architect, builders and electricians to implement these important improvements which are normally tastefully hidden within the walls, ceilings etc.

What is the cost?

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Built a home that supports the health of your family

The cost of not putting these improvements in your home can be the highest. The investment of incorporating these improvements varies depending on the size of the home, number of bedrooms and whether or not outside sources need to be protected against. To give you an idea the cost may be 0.5, 1 or 2 % of the value of a home.

The point is; it is insignificant compared to the value of a home and you should not fail to make this part of your home or renovation design.

The costs can also be viewed as an investment as more and more people are becoming electrohypersensative and are actively looking to purchase homes with functional shielding already in place. Depending on which country you are in, when it comes time to sell your home, your protected home may be sold for significantly more because of it being shielded already.

Please contact your local Geovital office for cost of this consultation service and how to get started.


Large scale domestic radiation-free property development

GEOVITAL is also no stranger to being the radiation-free building experts on large scale developments. As a developer, you could offer radiation protection as an added uniqueness of your project that is sure to stick in the mind of your potential clients. Show that you, in contrast to other developments or developers, really care about your purchasers environment and quality of living by creating homes that support wellbeing as well as lifestyle.




Start to finish practical examples of improvements made