Workplace radiation assessments

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How can you improve on radiation exposure in your workplace?

The workplace is often filled with technology, so complete avoidance of radiation exposure may be difficult or impossible. The location and set up of workstations can have serious affects on wellbeing and the frequency with which sick-leave occurs. The presence of geopathic stress further adds to this burden.

A healthier workplace makes for a happier, more productive workforce.

A Geovital consultant can give both the employer and the employee insights into how to improve a workplace situation. Please note however, that Geovital concerns itself mostly with very conservative research and exposure limits (e.g. BioInitiative Report 2012) and finds governmental limits unacceptably high. So if you ask one of our consultants for their opinion or assessment of a situation, you can expect a reply that will be far more conservative than governmental limits. If your desire is to see what your exposure is in relation to those limits, we are probably not the right people for you. But if you wish to know how to make the workplace more supportive where possible, then we are the right people.

What can be done within a workplace assessment?

Happy working in a healthier office environment

A healthier workplace makes for a happier, more productive workforce.

Man-made radiation exposure from sources like power cables, wireless technology, computers, etc. can be investigated and recommendations can be made to reduce the amount of radiation individuals are exposed to…by making changes to the workstation (i.e. relocation of desks, shielding measures).

Geopathic stress (i.e. excesses of natural radiation) can also be assessed and this can give eye-opening insights into the kinds and amounts of radiation particular staff members are exposed to and suffering the consequences of (see article: Employees with many sick days)

This exposure can be addressed by applying Geovital’s ‘geopathic stress’ solutions; these are easily situated and hidden throughout the office.

We applaud employer interest in creating a more supportive environment for their employees. When taking measurements, our consultant will work with you to be as discrete as possible so as not to worry employees. Or, speak to our consultant about an ‘after hours’ assessment; this will enable you to contemplate the findings and implement changes at your own pace.

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