Smart meters

Smart Meters

Only a few years back, we hadn’t heard of the concept ‘smart meter’ but now it is a common subject of conversation and not in a positive way. Here, you will find some answers about what they are,what problems they present and what Geovital’s approach to them is. We hope this helps you and if it makes sense, please comment, rate it, refer others to this website and please sign up for our newsletter here.

What is a smart meter and why do power companies want one on your house?

The idea behind a smart meter is that it gives the power companies advanced capabilities which are beneficial for them but tend to have no benefits for you. Rather, the effects are much more negative in relation to price increases, privacy issues, health issues and if sources are correct — in the future your power supplier will be able to shut down your appliances.

A smart meter is a digital meter that replaces the spinning disc meter in your meter box that measures how much power is being used in the house.

  • It collects data about your electricity usage throughout the day and is said to be able to distinguish between the usage of different appliances (privacy issue) and certainly monitor when you leave the house or go on holidays.
  • It uses high frequency radiation to communicate the collected data to the other smart meters in the street; the one with the strongest signal to the base communicates this back to the power company.
  • It enables power companies to vary the time range of peak and off-peak rates, based on daily changes of usage in the community. This tends to result in a power bill increase, even doubling in some cases.
  • It will enable power companies to offer new power ‘plans’ where the customer agrees to use power at certain times of day over other times, which aims to reduce peak usage.
  • Technology has already been developed which will be built into appliances like an air conditioning unit, for example. The Smart Meter will be able to turn appliances off for you when you use them outside the agreed allowable times. (very ‘Big Brother’, some would say)


Negative effects for the home owner / resident

  • woman affected by radiation sick on the bed

    Many people ring us not feeling so great within 4 weeks of smart meter installation

    Health: The high frequency radiation that is produced by the smart meter in your home (or the ones down the street) seems to be ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back’ for those who have developed a sensitivity to electronic radiation. There is a lot of high and low frequency radiation present in the modern home due to inside and outside sources and people are exposed to it daily–this is before Geovital Academy shielding solutions, of course. The addition of the smart meter just seems to tip the balance of health. Therefore, radiation shielding should focus not only on the smart meter, but on all radiation sources if long-term benefits are to be achived.

  • Privacy: The smart meter has been compared to a surveillance system, having the ability to monitor what you are doing at any time throughout the day. This data is collected by a private company, which may be tempted to sell this information. Or, a hacker could steal this data.
  • Bill increases: Often, the cost of these new meters has been included in power bills years before the installation, so you are paying for the meter as well as the often significantly higher power bills, due to the dynamic ability the supplier now has of charging for your power.
  • Vulnerability: The power company can disconnect your power very easily and quickly from afar, either intentionally or by mistake. In theory, so could anybody else who puts their mind to it. Concerns have been raised that hackers, or even terrorists, could deactivate entire cities or states if each property is able to be disabled by a radio signal.

What can I do if one is installed?

There are two important things we are trying to educate people about:

  1. You are affected by more than just the smart meter (see research links). You may not show symptoms, or a smart meter may have caused symptoms by tipping the balance of health. Nevertheless, all sources of radiation should be addressed and this is easy to do. Focussing on the smart meter alone, may bring short-term improvement but it leaves you open to increased likelihood of long-term problems.
  2. Applying shielding incorrectly, for example on one interior wall only, may successfully deflect away radiation from a single smart meter. But as shielding functions as a mirror, the one wall will (by deflection) double exposure to any high frequency radiation sources entering the room. This could occur for example, if there were 24 other smart meters in the street and any number of mobile phone towers having their signals deflected off the shielded wall back into the room. It could all add up to the occupants being exposed to high levels of HF radiation as a result of incorrect shielding.
Family painting final coats over shielding paint

Family painting final coats over shielding paint


The Geovital Shielding paint T98 Alpha will truely effectively deflect high frequency radiation and being designed by our naturopathic clinic which has always had patient recovery as its benchmark, you can be sure it is a healthy product to have on the wall. We don’t believe that mass produced products, with little consideration for patient long term effects like intolerances, should be used. Long term results have always been our goal and our high quality approach has earned Geovital the great reputation it enjoys today.

The paint should be applied on all walls of a bedroom and the ceiling.

If you fail to do so, you will deflect your smart meters radiation away but with only one wall painted you will most likely double your exposure to radiation sources present on the other side of the wall (other smart meters in your street and the various mobile phone towers).

If you painted walls but not the ceiling, there is great likelihood that high placed sources of high frequency radiation (often mobile phone towers) will force radiation into the room over the shielded walls and this will bounce around like a billiard ball exposing you multiple times.

Homes/Bedrooms on 2nd floors or up on a hill with a view of the city have the problem radiation can enter from below, in which case the floor requires shielding also.



The shielding paint needs to be earthed by use of a grounding tape that runs along each painted panel. The tape is earthed to the earth in a power point by an electrician. This functions as a safety feature but also leads away static charges which can also contribute to health suppression.

Bedroom walls or externally

This approach can be done to each bedroom and helps transforming the bedroom in a radiation free haven for true rest and regeneration. There is often a little more to do and this is where a Geovital Academy home assessment will give you a much more complete picture. Our approach has shown wonderful results in relation to chronic symptoms.

External shielding is also possible where you shield external walls rather than internal bedroom walls. This does require more material and is therefore often not chosen. In our experience the health increase has been very significant in many people and this strengthens you for daytime exposure in the rest of the house and at work.

Smart Meter inside the house

If the smart meter is located inside the home this would contraindicate the use of shielding paint on external walls as then the signal would bounce around inside. If in doubt, contact us.

What can I do to prevent getting a Smart Meter installed?

People have been taking various actions to attempt to avoid installation of a smart meter. The actions below may not be legal so it is your responsibility to research what you can do and we take no responsibility for negative consequences this information may bring you. It is given here in an attempt to educate you only about actions others have taken so far.

There are various action groups forming around the country. Investigate and maybe you can sign up to newsletters. We have personal experience with the people from: and some of the links below are to their website.

locked meter box against smart meter installation

locked meter box against smart meter installation

Send a registered (with return confirmation) letter to your power supplier (not retailer. Look on your bill who your supplier is, it is usually mentioned very small somewhere) that you do not consent to the installation of a smart meter. As far as the Victoria government is concerned it looks like they only agree to allow power companies to ‘use their best endeavours’ to roll our the smart meters. Which already means it is not mandatory, regardless of bullying and scare tactics phone operators of the companies are using on their own clients. This letter will disable the power company from using the claim ‘well, they didn’t object so they agreed.’. Ideas on how to do this and a sample letter can be found here (word-doc).

  • Send letters to the various government departments to voice your opinion and put pressure on them to have the pressure towards smart meter technology removed for good. Sample Letters Here (word-doc).
  • People have been locking their meter box as they feel forced to do so as installers will enter your property uninvited and start installing if you are not home. A locked meter box and having to break it open is hopefully enough deterrent. It is good practice to provide a window to give the person walking by to read your meter’s numbers the ability to read your meter’s numbers without having to bother you.
  • Put up notice posters on your meter box to state the actions you have taken, that you do not consent to the installation and that the power company has been notified of your opinion. Also put a notice on the entry to your property, notifying installers that access for them is not granted and that they are trespassing if they do enter. (Also let the meter man/woman know they are still very welcome to read the meter).
  • I am being bullied by my power company!

    Power retailers have taken it upon themselves (it seems) to use bullying tactics to get consent from home owners to install the meter by scaring them into the thought that installation is mandatory or alternatives are costly. The reports are, that if you simply ask them to put their ‘threats’ in writing you find they never will. As far as I am aware they are not allowed to turn your power off if you refuse installation. If they manage to get one on your property you will have a long and painful battle to get it off. So far I have heard of one family who were successful to get the power company to remove it and this was second hand information.

    Please support the effort to stop the Smart Meter introduction because even if you manage to keep one of your home, if the neighbors get one, it may affect you just as badly.

    T98 Alpha shielding paint by Geovital

    T98 Alpha shielding paint by Geovital

    Should I not buy a home that has a Smart Meter on it?

    Well… Smart Meters may be an evil we need to learn to live with. Shielding with our Geovital T98 Alpha shielding paint is the best approach. However, having a Smart Meter on the inside of the property would make it near impossible to shield against and this may be reason enough not to buy the property. If the Smart Meter is on the ourside walls, at least you can shield against it as soon as you move in.

    Do remember that there is a lot more sources of radiation that make an unhealthy home and a Geovital Pre-Purchase radiation inspection is money well spent. Smart Meter or not.



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