04. Feb. 2016

Hello Barbie’s radiation exposure to children

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The 'Hello Barbie' concept has been under fire from the very beginning, based largely around the privacy issues of having these conversations stored by a third party company and the potential of hacking. I found it amazing, that the potential harm a Wifi device, and its electromagnetic radiation, could do to a child has not been considered by parents and action groups hoping to prevent the sale of this doll. We investigated and measured...

05. Jan. 2016

The truth about mobile phones and wireless radiation

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The University of Melbourne hosted a seminar where renowned Dr. Devra Davis, a well respected and well known researcher who has written 200+ technical publications and 3 popular books, spoke on the subject of "The Truth about Mobile Phones and wireless radiation".

22. Oct. 2014

Babies and radiation – Can it go well?

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We are increasingly becoming dependent upon ‘always being reachable’. The use of all these electronic and digital communication devices has also been linked to a loss of personal attention in relationships. Family life, personal relationships and interactions with people are fundamental to life and essential for the development of infants, babies and small children.

22. Mar. 2014

Bedwetters have a comalike sleep

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The subject of bedwetting is taboo for many parents. The family progresses through various stressful stages. The first stop is the paediatrician who will subject the child to various tests to rule out any technical or mechanical problem. This is followed by acceptance of the interpretation that the cause may be psychological—anxiety...