27. May. 2016

How close is too close when living near transmission power lines

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Many people would wonder, when looking at homes near high voltage power lines, if those can be bad for you, or even cause cancer. Properties near transmission lines don’t sell well, sell cheaper and often come back on the market. Those looking to purchase and those living near high voltage power lines already, might ask themselves: What is the safe distance for living near high voltage power lines? How close is too close?

11. May. 2015

Magnetic fields and electronic pollution from transformers and power lines – part 2

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Take a fluorescent light tube with you on a evening stroll and hold it in the air under the power lines - you will be amazed at how the fluorescent tube starts to turn on - that is how much electricity is in the air!

11. May. 2015

Electromagnetic field shielding with MU-metal – Part 3

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What to do in the case of radiation problems found with transformer, high-voltage power cables or electrical train or tram lines? First, we have to break down the problem into two sections: Electric fields and magnetic fields.

29. Jul. 2014

Video series: Protecting a bedroom with shielding paint

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We shielded a little girl's bedroom against EMF radiation and recorded the whole process whilst also giving more in-depth insights into the approach. Follow the videos below and see for yourself what is involved, how easy it is and how Geovital has your best interests at heart.