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Electronic pollution

29. Jul. 2014

Video series: Protecting a bedroom with shielding paint

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We shielded a little girl's bedroom against EMF radiation and recorded the whole process whilst also giving more in-depth insights into the approach. Follow the videos below and see for yourself what is involved, how easy it is and how Geovital has your best interests at heart.

09. May. 2014

Electronic pollution promotes sleep apnea

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GEOVITAL Academy has, in recent years, been supporting many patients who have manifested complaints related to sleep apnea. For many years, these patients have been using CPAP* devices for respiratory support. Interestingly, all bedroom radiation assessments of sleep apnea sufferers revealed increased electronic pollution exposure due to power lines and internal electrical wiring

27. Mar. 2014

Natremed, Shepparton: Radiation exposure as a health burden

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Patient information event at Natremed in Shepparton - 2014 Lifestyle Medicine 'Radiation exposure as a health burden' Patrick van der Burght will be presenting about home health and radiation exposure at the Natremed clinic in Shepparton, VIC. Patients are welcome but also members of the public provided they register with Natremed first. Subjects covered: Effects [...]

14. Jan. 2014

Timber construction – building biologically great – electrobiologically a disaster!

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Timber is a popular building material. Its natural, controls the climate, stable and resilient. A building material that man has used for thousands of years to put a roof over his head and which gave this 'homey feel' to a house.

16. Dec. 2013

The 1 or 2% decision

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Investing one or two percent more on a home purchase or home construction can be the deciding factor whether it will be a healthy beautiful life in your dream home, or whether it is the beginning of a life-long nightmare...