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02. Feb. 2017

FULL – USA, LA – Geobiology Workshop – EMF Radiation and Geopathic Stress assessment and protection

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HELD IN LOS ANGELES: This workshops teaches you the basics of Radiation Assessment and Protection

04. Feb. 2016

Hello Barbie’s radiation exposure to children

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The 'Hello Barbie' concept has been under fire from the very beginning, based largely around the privacy issues of having these conversations stored by a third party company and the potential of hacking. I found it amazing, that the potential harm a Wifi device, and its electromagnetic radiation, could do to a child has not been considered by parents and action groups hoping to prevent the sale of this doll. We investigated and measured...

01. Sep. 2015

When electrosmog spoils sex and libido

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Sexual attraction is declining in the general population from year to year. Those who think that the loss of libido (the natural desire for sex) is something that only happens to people of more advanced age, would nowadays be seriously wrong. Both men and women in their late twenties are reporting a lack of interest in their own sexuality.