Upcoming Events

23. Jun. 2022

Vancouver, Canada: EMF3 Practical EMF Assessment Workshop

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Vancouver, Canada EMF3 Workshop 23rd to 26th of June 2022 - Propel your experience fast by the only workshop that actually takes you in homes to practice EMF home assessments over 3 or 4 days. Including Geopathic Stress assessment training.

24. Apr. 2022

START Guided Online Course (EMF1+2 Bundle) May 2022: EMF Radiation Assessment and Mitigation

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START of 6 week guided ONLINE EMF Course - Amateur to Pro (EMF1) - Learn about EMF radiation in this comprehensive entry to PRO course on how to assess, eliminate and mitigate EMF exposure for yourself, family or in your community.

20. May. 2021

Workshop, Australia: EMF2 Practical EMF radiation workshop

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EMF2 Practical Workshop: Melbourne Workshop 20th to 23rd May - Amateur to Pro - Patrick's signature course - Radiation Assessment Business Start-up Course combines self-paced online learning and support sessions, with a tailored workshop focussed on the practical and formal focus on business start-up knowledge.