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24. Jul. 2023

July 2023, Sulzberg Austria: EMF3 Practical EMF Assessment Workshop

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Austria EMF3 Workshop 17th to 20th of July 2023 - Propel your experience fast by the only workshop that actually takes you in homes to practice EMF home assessments over 3 or 4 days. Including Geopathic Stress assessment training.

24. Dec. 2014

First snow in Sulzberg reveals water veins in the landscape

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On the way back to Sulzberg, which was now covered in clouds, we were treated to a spectacular display of water veins in the snow covered meadows. There where the grass remains visible an underground water vein is present at a depth of about 1.5 to 2 meter.

30. Sep. 2014

Cancer cells are radiation seekers

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Unless the situation is addressed, the person gets back into the same bed and the exposure resumes. The situation is detrimental to the patient; particularly so, if electronic pollution from internal wiring and radiation from transmitters is showered over them as it was before. The whole thing starts all over again.

15. Aug. 2014

Fantastic English workshop in Sulzberg Austria

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It is for good reason that GEOVITAL is known globally for its high quality products, specific approach and training, including the unique training site we use in Austria. Every year Geobiologists from around the world make their way to Austria to learn something new or to sharpen their skills.

26. Jul. 2014

Radiation seekers – radiation avoiders

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Nature is often astonishing: what one thrives with, another will suffer by. Certain plants as well as humans, are radiation avoiders. Radiation avoiders will avoid disturbance areas as it deprives them of energy, causing cell and tissue changes and therefore they get sick.