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12. Feb. 2019

Magnetic fields around the water pipe

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A Surprising Find Magnetic fields are produced by current. Current is supposed to take predesigned paths in our electrical systems and when all goes well, magnetic fields (especially from the house itself) should be insignificant. Tom and his family were considering moving house for various reasons. I was requested to fly to where they live [...]

30. Oct. 2018

Online: Electrical System – What and How does it produce EMF radiation

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Online training sessions about the electrical system. Suits amateurs and professionals unfamiliar with workings of electricity and concept of net-current and its associated magnetic fields.

04. Jan. 2017

Can you shield against magnetic fields from power lines?

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We get asked a lot: 'I live near power lines. What can I use to shield against the magnetic fields power lines?' 'Will shielding paint help against power lines?' The answer is a little more involved. Lets explain.